Emily and Matt

How We Met

When you meet your soulmate in high school at the young age of 16 it seems like something out of a fairy tale, something that is too good to be true. Setting a wedding date 12 years after we first started dating seems so surreal but romantic at the same time.

When we began dating back in 2006 we had been classmates for 5 years but our paths had never crossed. After our first month together, our friends vowed we would never last another month and here we are ready to commit to spending a lifetime together. As hormonal, bold, and often careless teenagers we had our ups and downs but somehow always came back to each other. Classic high school moments such as winning a superlative together, cheering for Matt while he played Varsity Basketball, and dressing up for two proms landed us as the dream couple and high school sweethearts no one ever thought we would be.

Fast forward a few years later to our early 20s, we found that we had grown into different people with different interests and paths in life. Our lifestyles did not seem to fit each others anymore and we began to grow apart. Not wanting to let go of our relationship we tried to find our way back to each other again but it seems we spent more time together than apart. These changes caused heartbreak for both of us and moving on seemed to be extremely difficult – until it wasn’t.

We continued to grow apart and each dated other people. Whether we wanted to admit it or not there was still an undeniable connection and attraction to each other that we could not fight. Serendipitously, our paths crossed again and from that moment on the passion reignited, making our connection stronger than ever. We knew that we were the right people for each other and that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together.

We continued to grow together in our relationship however life and career changes found us facing the possibility of a long distance relationship. This is something we had not anticipated and had not experienced before. Knowing how mature and strong our relationship was made us confident that no matter the challenges we faced or adversity we encountered we would continue to grow in our love for each other.

how they asked

While on family vacation in the quaint town of Beaufort, NC we officially decided to make a lifelong commitment to one another. A romantic dinner on the waterfront followed by an evening stroll along the harbor led to an intimate moment in a picturesque gazebo.

With tears in his eyes and his heart on his sleeve Matt got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. In that moment our love for each other was brighter than ever before and the opportunities for our future were endless.

Sometimes when you meet your soulmate in high school you don’t appreciate the love that you have until you lose it and you must work hard to gain it back again. We now know that our love for each other is stronger than it ever has been and we cannot wait to say “I Do” and officially begin our lives together as husband and wife!