Emily and Marty

How We Met

Marty and I met in Middle School and have been dating since Freshman year of high school. Before I ever talked to him I remember walking by him and thinking ‘what if I date that boy one day?’ Then thinking ‘what if I marry that boy one day?’ Now here we are 7 years later about to give our vows. Our love story is my favorite. Marty is such a romantic and has given me a fairytale love story.

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How They Asked

I knew the day was coming. I could feel it in my bones. I’ve known for a while now that I wanted to marry this man. I was ready to make it official in claiming our love for one another with a promise for the rest of our lives.

Friday morning came along. My two sweet friends @savannah_dehart & @ashly_daviss came over to get ready to go to the fair. As we started driving, Ashly told me that we were going to pick up her husband Mac from downtown on our way there.

We drive down to the smoker’s point and I see Marty’s land cruiser sitting in the lot. Savannah and Ashly turn around with a smile. Savannah hands me a dress and heels and tells me to put them on.

I do so. (Now realizing that we were definitely not going to the fair). They send me down a trail lined with rose petals.

I walked into a beautiful net shed where I hear the sound of a cello playing one of our favorite worship songs. There are hanging lights and greenery strung along the ceiling of the net shed.

At the end of the net shed, over the water is my sweet Martin standing with roses.

Tears swell into my eyes and I walk down to him.

He got down on one knee and asked me the most important question of our lives thus far.

I obviously said YES!

In our precious moment of excitement, he tells me we need to leave, there’s another surprise…

After Marty tells me there is another surprise, we walk back up the hill to his land cruiser.

As we’re in the car Marty asks me for a pen. He grabs a journal and opens it to the next blank page. In it, he writes “you said yes” and hands the journal. This book is his entire process of planning for the proposal. It dates back to April when he decided that the date was going to be September 13th. He said he couldn’t tell me anything at the time, but he wanted to, so he wrote it all down for me! He’s so sweet.

We arrived at Gig Harbor Airport! Sweet Martin took me on a PLANE RIDE. We flew over Gig Harbor over all of the significant locations in our relationship.

We flew over our high school.

We flew over Crescent Lake where we fell in love.

We flew over Sehmel Park where we first met.

We flew over my house where countless memories have been made.

And we flew over the proposal location were I promised him my heart.

This was so incredibly magical. I was awestruck by his intentionality. This will forever be one of our favorite moments we share together.

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He then tells me that he has one more small surprise at my house.

On our way to my house, we see an old man stuck in his truck on the side of the road. Of course, my Sweet Martin pulls over to help. Next thing I know, he is under the hood of this man’s truck (in his new nice suit I might add) helping him figure out the problem. We stay with him until the tow truck comes to help.

This was obviously not planned but made my heart so happy to see the man I get to MARRY, stopping to help even in the midst of our exciting day. He’s the best Y’all!

So we get to my house and we arrive at a few of our close family and friends cheering as we pull in the driveway. We had champagne and a lot of love.

A little backstory on this next part…

Marty first asked me out on 6/22/12 with a box of cheese pizza. On the inside of the box, it said: “I know this is cheesy, but will you go out with me?”

So, for dinner on the night of the proposal, we had cheese pizza and on the inside of the box it said: “I know this is cheesy, but will you marry me?”

I cried, yet again, with joy and love overflowing in my heart.

Every part of this proposal was with the help of close friends. The photos, The video, the plane, the cello, getting me there, and the party. We are so thankful for our friends and family who rallied around us to make this day possible. I am so grateful.

Martin, I can’t wait to be your wife and spoil you with love on a daily basis. You have my heart till the day I die.

Special Thanks

Nick Sandy
 | Photographer