Emily and Luke

How We Met

There are two sides to this story..

Emily: I knew who Luke was long before he knew who I was, every girl knew who he was. It was like in the movies where the freshman girls all crush on the sophomore who is completely out of reach. We ended up meeting for the first time at a festival. We had mutual friends who were at the time dating and we acted as their wing woman/man for the day. During this time I was dating someone, so I really thought nothing of our meeting. It would have been a year later when I had recently become single when he made contact with me. We went on a fantastic first date and we’ve been together every day since.

Image 1 of Emily and Luke

Luke: I first met Emily at a festival through a mutual friend. We spent the day together with our friends and when it came to the end of the day I took her sunglasses just so that she would have to come back and talk to me. Although she had a boyfriend she was always a thought in my mind. I waited a year until I heard that she was now single and within 24 hours I had messaged her. We went on our first date and it was everything I had hoped and waited for.

Image 2 of Emily and Luke

how they asked

Luke, being a musician, had concinved me we needed to go take some promotional photos down at the beach. So, we went down for brunch and met our friends/photographers not long after down on the beach. I sat on the embankment while they began taking photos. No more than a minute later Luke came up and said that we should take photos together. Questioning why I needed to be in them made me realise what may be happening. We walked down to where they had been shooting and he asked me to marry him. I’m so glad we captured the moment, it’s something we will treasure for a long time to come.

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