Emily and Luke

How We Met

Luke and I work together in higher education at ftankli. I work in transfer credit and he works at the help desk I am someone who is life of the party with an outgoing personality. Luke is sweet and simple. My friend from work approached me during a party and said she wants me to meet someone because she thinks we would get along. She described him as “the tall version of me” in white pants. I found the tallest guy in the room (I’m 4’7 he’s 6’2) and we chatted for a bit. Then I had a computer issue and called the help desk, Luke answered. We chatted and laughed. A couple weeks went by and I asked a friend to get lunch, she told me she couldn’t, but Luke could. He then sent me a message through Skype for business asking me to lunch. We have had lunch everyday since.

How They Asked

Luke and I love traditions. Every day he brings me tea, he puts them in fun travel mugs and we have fun guessing what kind of tea I got that day. Every month Luke and I splurge and buy bacon cheeseburgers from our favorite local burger joint (the walrus). If we have good days or bad days we pick 1 day out of the month to eat our bacon cheeseburgers and lay on the couch and watch movies. Friday happened to be a special day because we were celebrating my promotion. I was sitting on the couch as Luke was putting our take out on plates and getting me a drink. He brought me my plate of food and travel mug and I didn’t recognize the mug. I turned it over and it says “from Miss to Mrs.” as I read it I looked over and saw him down on one knee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our apartment