Emily and Levi

Image 1 of Emily and Levi

how we met

Levi and I started dating 8 short months ago, yet it seems like we have known each other for so many years. We met during our first year attending the same University in Grand Rapids. When Levi officially asked me to be his girlfriend he took me to a nearby dam where I was surprised to see a blanket laid out with candles, hot chocolate, 12 roses, music playing in the background, and a small black box.

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how they asked

Eight months later I found myself in a similar place. Christmas Eve we had a date day in Grand Rapids full of eating, shopping, and reminiscing at our old spot where we first officially became a couple. We drove home to my Christmas miracle.

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We walked down the candle lit path to a fire warming the cold air, an abundance of Christmas lights, and again music playing in the background with a small black box.

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This time the black box contained an engagement ring, and my soon to be fiancé on his knee. With tears in his eyes he asked me to marry him. How could I not say yes?!

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Special Thanks

Ethan Painter
 | photographer