Emily and Kyler

How We Met

That’s right, we met on a dating app…

But it’s hard to really describe it that way because not long after the fates of the Internet matched us up, we quickly moved things along to text conversations and finally our first date at the incomparable Taqueria del Sol, located ever-so-conveniently close to Emily’s apartment. (She apparently wanted to allow for a quick and easy exit if I turned out to be a sociopath).

The First Date

I had no idea what to expect. The dating world had been unkind to me for years to that point, although I did come away with some humorous stories along the way. I was about to turn 30 years old and was beginning to feel jaded toward the whole dating experience.

But from the first few minutes, after we met in person, I could tell that Emily was different from anyone else I had ever been around. Emily has always been kind and genuine, and even from the start, she took an interest in what I had to say (which, as most of you know, is usually a lot).

I asked if she wanted to grab dessert at a place next door, which obviously meant I thought things were going well. We must have talked for three or four hours total that night. She can tell you what we both were wearing…I can tell you that I had a delicious fish taco and frozen yogurt.

The End of the Beginning

We went on several dates after that first night together, and we did the typical things most people do on early dates–movies, dinner, etc. Eventually, Emily sent me a text while I was at work and asked me to meet her at Starbucks when I got off. It was her last week of school. We sat down, and I immediately knew she was going to break up with me…

Well, she DID break up with me…at least she tried. She was more frank, honest and upfront with her feelings than I’d ever seen another person be. Dating can often be a series of games between two people, but believe me, Emily was all business. She told me she was looking for a husband, someone to spend the rest of her life with, to share all of life’s moments–happy and sad.

It took that honest conversation for me to truly realize that I was no longer “dating” Emily in the sense that I’d come to know the word. We were in a very intentional relationship, headed straight for one destination–marriage. We didn’t know when we would get there, but we knew that’s where the journey was headed.

Again, let’s not forget that Emily Houston attempted to break up with me at a Starbucks in late May. I’m in sales and was taught very early on in my career that “you’re not working until you hear the word ‘no.'” Well, after hearing Emily’s heart on this issue, I began to open up more to her than I had previously and more than I ever had to anyone else before. We agreed that we were both now (finally) on the same page, with the same goals in mind. And so, that’s how I single-handedly saved our relationship from ending on the corner of a shopping mall in Brookhaven.

The Rest of the Story

It wasn’t long after that that I knew for sure that I wanted Emily to be my wife. I met her incredible family, and they took me in as one of their own. I watched Emily take on challenge after challenge, personally and professionally, and witnessed her persevere in the face of tall odds. I looked on as she advised friends, watched as she taught her students and watched her laugh (sincerely or otherwise) at all of my jokes.

I knew she was and is the one.

Our story probably won’t be written into a Nicholas Sparks novel and eventual movie one day. But it is the story of two people who have patiently waited on each other, and when each of us found the other, we both were willing to fight for each other and to build a relationship that honors God.

I’m excited to continue building a life with Emily and to take on that life with someone who is more than willing to be challenged and to go above and beyond any expectation I’ve ever had for a wife.

How They Asked

Since I am a teacher, I try to take full advantage of my summers and cram as much fun into them as I can. So, at the beginning of Summer 2019, I told Kyler I wanted to make a bucket list of fun things we should do over the summer. The list varied from things as simple as eating at Rita’s (Kyler’s favorite) to hiking at Panther Creek. Initially, Kyler did not seem very into the bucket list, but not too long into the summer, he asked me to share it with him, and would even initiate dates with ideas from the list.

As the end of the summer approached, he suggested we go on a picnic (one of the few items left on the list). I happily agreed and began planning our picnic. Despite my plans, Kyler had plans of his own. The week leading up to our picnic, Kyler told me a coworker suggested a particular park and that we should go there. Then, he told me to bring my Bluetooth speakers and kept reminding me over and over throughout the week to bring them. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary, but Kyler’s attention to detail over this picnic put the idea in my head that maybe this could be the proposal. I tried to convince myself this wasn’t it as to not get my hopes up, but the day of the picnic, Kyler texted me and said he was going to wear something nice so we could take a picture, and that sealed the deal. I knew it was go-time.

Kyler came to pick me up at my apartment, and my head was reeling. I knew what was (most likely) about to happen, but I just didn’t know-how. I felt so awkward, and I didn’t know what to say, so we had a pretty quiet car ride to the park. As we were driving, the sky kept getting darker and darker; a storm was definitely coming. Kyler insisted it would be fine. He had even gone to buy an umbrella earlier that day just in case of a storm. On the ride, Kyler’s phone was blowing up, and I couldn’t help seeing a text from my sister, Katie, and my friend, Tori. Why on earth would they be texting Kyler if not because of what I expected was about to happen?! We finally get to Piedmont Park, park the car, and make a quick walk to set up our picnic under a giant tree overlooking the Atlanta skyline.

We start eating the food I’d packed for the picnic, and it began drizzling on and off. I pulled out the Bluetooth speakers Kyler insisted many times on me bringing, and he played some music. My stomach was in knots, and I could barely eat, but Kyler, the slowest eater I know, scarfed down his food in record time. He continued to play sweet, romantic songs… and all songs I like (which is not always that typical when he is DJ-ing). Before I knew it, the song changes, and it was one that I did not recognize. As soon as the lyrics begin, I IMMEDIATELY knew that was Kyler’s voice singing the song on the speakers. I proceeded to lose it, and begin asking Kyler a hundred questions. All he kept telling me was to listen to the song (that I would later find out he had written just for this occasion), but I could not focus on anything over my heart pounding louder than ever.

Finally, as the song ends, Kyler fidgets around and pulls a ring out of his pocket (no box, just the ring). He gets on his knee and asks me to marry him. I look at the ring he is holding and see it is the exact one I had tried on with my sister a couple of months before when we “spontaneously” went ring shopping. Through my tears, I mumble an excited “Yes!” I held my hand out waiting for Kyler to put the ring on, but he was not getting the hint, so I took the ring out of his hand and put it on myself. It was the most special and perfect moment I could have ever imagined. But it wasn’t over!

A few moments later, a photographer, Mary Claire, pops out from behind a tree in the distance and tells me she is there to take more pictures! Trying to avoid the fast-approaching storm, we snap several pictures (which turned out AMAZING thanks to Mary Claire’s incredible direction and talent). We wait as long as we can, but eventually, the skies opened up and a full-on downpour begins. We pack up our stuff and run back to the car. Not knowing what was next, Kyler suggested we go back to my apartment so we could clean up and change into dry clothes. In the car ride, I began grilling him for details all over again still getting minimal answers.

We arrive and begin walking up the stairs into my apartment. The moment I turned the corner of the stairs, I see all our closest family and friends there to surprise us! They had decorated the entire apartment and had a ton of delicious snacks and treats including a cake that read “The Future Mr. and Mrs. Post.” Even though I had my suspicions, I was truly surprised by the events of the day, and could not have imagined a more perfect proposal from beginning to end. We feel so loved and supported as we prepare to enter into our next stage of life: MARRIAGE!

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Kyler’s Proposal Song:

“The Wait”

You’ve heard this before, and it’s pure truth
Love is the best thing that we do
But it’s not always simple, quick and light
I’ve searched the whole world over, just trying to get it right
And spent too many lonely nights

10,000 winding miles of broken road
And my emptiness doesn’t help my heavy load
Thinking will I reach my breaking point before
The wait is ended, lifted by the one I’m searching for
When will you walk through the door?

This Wait, oh this weight
The pressure and the time spent, oh so great
Never knowing when my sentence ends, when the shackles fall away
Just living in and under the wait

When I’d almost given up, you took the stage
Convincing me it’s time to turn the page
To the stories, life had written, left unseen
Tales of life together and the places we’d soon be
Alone no more, but you with me

The wait, oh the weight
Worth more than I could anticipate
You didn’t come when I expected
But thank God you weren’t too late
Lifting and ending the weight

Questions without answers
Prayers without reply
But all that pressure and time
Brought a diamond to my life

The wait, oh the weight
The rest of our lives sits beyond this date
And whatever life may send our way,
The sunshine or the rain
With you here, I just can’t wait.

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