Emily and Kyle

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How We Met

As crazy as this sounds, Kyle and I have known each other since kindergarten. My father is in the US Navy and for K-8th grade (with the exception of 2 years), we lived in Jacksonville, FL. Enter, Kyle. Kyle and I went to school together and knew of each other. As we got older, we started to have more classes together, played basketball in the gym at our school, and I think he secretly had a crush on me because he used to leave teddy bears in my backpack each Valentine’s Day. Well, fast forward to freshman year of college. I had moved to Washington DC for high school and never went back to FL. I decided to attend the University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE) and was so excited. One day freshman year, I got a Facebook message from Kyle (who I hadn’t talked to in years!) saying that he was a freshman at Auburn University (arch rivals) and started to joke about the rivalry. We didn’t talk too much, but he was always in the back of my mind. Sophomore year, I get a package on Valentine’s Day, and sure enough, it was from Kyle.

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There were a teddy bear and a note reading “I’m not sure what your current situation is, but every girl deserves a bear on Valentine’s Day.” I couldn’t believe it! At this point, we still haven’t seen each other since the 8th grade. Well, fast forward again, about 6 months, and we are finally into football season. My family had moved to Auburn (I know…not ideal) and my Mom actually ran into Kyle at a restaurant and remembered him from when we were kids. As soon as he left, she immediately called me and goes “Emily- I just ran into Kyle Moore and I have got to tell you, he is sooo cute and nice and tall! You’d be a fool to not at least meet up with him when you are in town!” Sure enough, a few weeks later, I was in town for a game and I invited Kyle to our tailgate. Now, I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight (maybe it had to do with the Auburn shirt haha), but man did I have butterflies. From that day forward, we couldn’t stop texting each other.

Proposal Ideas Jacksonville, FL

I mean, after not seeing each other since the 8th grade, we had a lot to catch up on! I was very hesitant to get into a relationship while in college, but I knew there was something different about him. We are going to fast forward one more time to Valentine’s Day of my junior year. Kyle and I were still texting, but nothing was official. My roommates and I had planned an anti-Valentine’s Day party and we were just going to eat junk food and relax. They had asked me if Kyle has reached out since it was V-Day and I said no and kind of assumed that maybe we weren’t going to make it work, so I shrugged it off and left to go pick up food for everyone. Well, what I came home to was something I will never forget. Our apartment was fully-decorated with pink balloons, hearts, flowers, you name it. And sure enough, Kyle rounds the corner with a teddy bear in hand. They all had planned this surprise together! Kyle and I have been together from that night to now- 5 years! Our relationship has always been long distance until recently. My job moved me to Mobile, AL and Kyle just moved down here. We even just bought our first home! I am the luckiest girl in the world and am so blessed to be his. I really think this is just the beginning of our love story…

How They Asked

Our 5 year anniversary was slowly approaching. We normally don’t do anything too big to celebrate, just spend time together and go to dinner. This year, our anniversary was on the weekend we were planning on going to visit his parents for his Mom’s birthday (or so I thought..). Kyle’s parents still live in Jacksonville, FL, where we grew up going to school together. Every time we visit, we normally go to Saturday or Sunday Mass at the parish where our school was. This visit, we decided to go on Saturday night.

The gym at our school is still one of my favorite places in the world. I have so many memories being there as a kid with my family, playing in basketball games, recess, you name it- it just has always been one of my favorite places. We got to Mass a little early, so Kyle suggested we go by the gym. I didn’t think anything of it because this is something we always do when we are in town. Well, sure enough, the doors were unlocked and I quickly ran inside and started running around like 8-year-old Emily used to do in this same gym.

He eventually got me to meet him in center court and when I turned around, he was down on one knee! I immediately burst into tears and couldn’t believe that 1) this was happening and 2) this is happening in one of my most favorite places. All of a sudden, a curtain gets pulled back from the office upstairs and his Mom, his sister, and my Mom were all up there waving and cheering. I finally calm down and we get in the car to go celebrate with them and he takes me back to his parents’ house. As soon as I walk into the kitchen, every person we love in standing in the room yelling “surprise!”. Kyle had reached out to my best friends from across the country, aunts, uncles, friends, and family to all be there to celebrate with us. It was a night I will never forget and still get goosebumps thinking about. I can not wait to marry him!