Emily and Kirk

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How We Met

I met Kirk 10 years ago in High School. I was a freshman and he was a junior. We had Spanish class together and that is where it all began.

how they asked

2:41pm: My best friend from out of state, Alysia, came to visit me for the weekend. Before she hit the road, she convinced me to go to Starbucks with her. She said she had a photoshoot coming up in Starbucks and wanted to test out the lighting. Little did I know, she was documenting what was about to be the biggest day of my life. Also, this Starbucks “just happened to be” the place where I had my first date with my soon to be fiance.

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2:43pm: Alysia handed me a letter. I knew right away who this was from because of the handwriting. Kirk had been out of town for a week and a half on a business trip. He gave this letter to Alysia before he left.

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2:46pm: I looked up to see Alysia trying to hide her tears behind the camera. Tears started streaming down my face as I asked her, “Is this really happening??!” In the middle of Starbucks we shamelessly hugged, cried, and screamed.

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2:59pm: At this point, I felt like the car could not get fast enough to the next spot. Kirk said in the note to meet him where we first met – room 508. The drive there was full of tears and laughter. We finally arrived at Swartz Creek High school, where our story began 10 years ago in Spanish class.

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3:01pm: I composed myself and walked into the school. I got about three steps in and lost it again when the whole building was dark except one classroom – room 508. Walking down the hall while our song was playing, I was trying to take in everything I was feeling, because I knew this was going to be special. Tears came pouring down as Kirk was waiting for me inside.

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3:02pm: He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Best. Moment. EVER.

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4:46pm: As if being in another country and planning a proposal wasn’t enough, Kirk had also enlisted the help of his mom and my mom to plan a celebration after the proposal. My favorite part was turning down the road and seeing all of the cars lined up down the street with everyone waiting for us in the house. We are truly blessed for the love and support of our families.

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I can’t wait to marry this man!

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Special Thanks

Alysia Olson
 | Proposal Photographer
Kristian Irey
 | Ring Photographer