Emily and Kevin

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how we met

My best friends, Pat and Kelly (who I set up and are also engaged) tried to set Kevin and I up; they claimed we were “perfect for each other.” So naturally it took us two years to meet.

We FINALLY met in April of 2014 in Washington D.C. at Kelly’s Irish Times. The first thing Kevin said to me was “Hi, I’m Kevin I like your blue nail polish.” After that it was pretty much over. I don’t think either of us took a single breath that night; we talked about everything under the sun from dogs to the rich history of D.C. (we happen to both be history nerds). We were all but inseparable after our first meeting, despite living almost an hour apart.

A few weeks after meeting I was in Montana visiting family and playfully asked Kevin to come with me the next time I flew out and what do you know? Two months after that we were on a six hour plane ride to Big Sky Country to meet my dad, four aunts, and countless cousins. We were both completely swept up in romance; even then he told my dad that he would always take care of me, and he always has.

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how they asked

The day that Kevin asked me to marry him was one of the laziest most satisfying days we had had in a long time. Kevin had taken the bar exam one day prior and we spent almost the entire day inside our D.C. residence. It was all netflix, takeout, and a big sigh of relief that the test was finally over.

Little did I know that a mere two hours after finishing the bar exam while sitting on my mom’s back porch he had asked her for her permission to marry me along with my grandmother’s engagement ring.

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I am a hugely sentimental person and my nanny’s ring holds a TON of good marriage juju in it and is a sign of how close my nanny and I were for her to tell me even as a young girl “one day this will be yours.” It still gets me misty to think about him asking not only for my mom’s permission but in a way my grandparents, who are not longer with us, too.

So… back to our lazy day. We had decided the previous day to go out and celebrate the end of studying for the bar exam with friends. Kelly met us at the metro before heading to meet everyone else so we could take a walk around the Capitol building, which is pretty normal for us to do (history nerds). The night was absolutely stifling, keep in mind it was July 30th in Washington D.C. so it was like walking around in a tank of humidity. Five minutes into walking the three of us gave up and decided to turn around and head over to Kelly’s Irish Times; again this wasn’t an unusual occurrence since we are regulars.

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We decided to stop in front of The Summer House so I could babble on for a few minutes about the history of the beautiful almost hidden structure. At this point Kevin was unusually quiet and when I turned around he was down on one knee with a HUGE smile on his face. From what I have been told at this point I was shaking and absolutely beaming. He asked. I said yes.

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From here on out the night is a little fuzzy. My head felt like it was full of bumble bees or I was underwater. I remember friends calling one after another… but I couldn’t tell you a word I said. We spoke to Kevin’s parents and semi-jokingly invited them to come out and celebrate with us since all of our friends and Kevin’s cousins were waiting for us as a surprise. A little while into night they showed up and that is when my tears began… and didn’t stop. Shortly after Kevin’s parents arrival I had a moment to call my mom and sister; I ended up in a puddle of tears. I was then and am now so incredibly grateful not only for the love that I have with Kevin but the unwavering support and love from both of our families.

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Our short time together has been absolutely charmed. Two people really could not be more blessed. We have friends that know us better than we know ourselves and knew to introduce us, we have the two warm, kind, and adoring families, and we know that we will always take care of each other.

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