Emily and Kaleb

Emily and Kaleb 's Engagement in Pell City park

How We Met

My fiancé and I met when we were fifteen years old on an in-town summer mission trip. I was very bubbly and outgoing, while my fiancé was more reserved and quiet. I saw Kaleb working at the crew site that day by himself so I decided to go help him. Well, I thought I annoyed him because he only said a few words. Later, I found out it was because he was nervous. He asked for my number a few weeks later by telling me he didn’t have it! It was sweet! We texted for a few months before he asked me to be his girlfriend. Because we were so young, we took our relationship slow and worked on being best friends first. On my 16th birthday, my fiance told me he loved me for the first time through a poem in my backyard. I quickly told him I loved him back. Through our relationship, my fiancé has spoiled me by writing me a poem for almost every holiday. On our 3rd year dating anniversary, he gave me a promise ring with a poem. I was ecstatic! I keep every poem in a shoebox in my closet!

How They Asked

For our 5th year dating anniversary, Kaleb told me he wanted to plan it, which I was all for the idea. I was skeptical when he told me he had put together a scavenger hunt for me. He had nine poems, which were clues for each spot. Each spot was a key place in our relationship. We went to where we first met, our first date, etc. After the ninth spot, he looked at me and said, Okay let’s go get ready for a nice dinner. I said okay and we went back to my house. After we got ready, we left my house.

When we were a couple of miles away from my house, he looked at me and said, Oh no! I forgot my wallet! This is the only part I actually believed because he has done this numerous times before. I said, Okay! We can turn around up here. He said, No, I’m going to turn around at this park. After he parked the car, he looked at me and said, Let’s go for a walk.

I knew immediately. I started tearing up before we even got out of the car! I was that excited. I heard the click of a camera, and I saw my older sister taking our picture. We walked to a gazebo where he got down on one knee and told me that he had a promise to fulfill. He asked me to marry him & I said yes!

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Special Thanks

Valerie Matthews
 | Photographer
Diann Johnson
 | Planning