Emily and Justin

How We Met: Justin and I met at Oklahoma Christian when we were freshman. He was a SHY baseball player and I was just an outgoing college freshman making as many new friends as I could. Justin and I met in the student center where all of the pool tables and ping pong tables were set up. It was just a short hello and we went on.

On Monday classes started and we ended up having the same math class! It took off from there. Justin became my best friend and we were soon dating and spending every second together. I truly believe God sent him to me at the perfect time and I couldn’t be happier.

how they asked: Justin has always made my birthday very special. He always has something planned and goes all out! I was thinking he would do the same thing for this one. He picked me up at 1:00 and did not tell me where we were going. I could tell that he was so nervous and not himself. We had lunch and ran some errands before my big surprise! We ended up turning into The Zoo’s entrance! I was so excited. Justin and I love visiting The Zoo!

We try and go as much as we can every chance we get. Well this visit would be different. Justin had a private tour planned for me! The lady that was giving us the tour met us at the front gate and we went from there. 30 minutes had gone by and Justin was very anxious and I could tell he was not paying attention. We came across a white board that was hanging on the rainforest wall with two cute knobs and a pink ribbon tied around them holding it shut. Justin told me to go check it out and so of course I did. I opened the sign and the words, “Emily will you marry me?” were looking right at me. I turned around and Justin was on his knee with tears rolling down his face.

Image 1 of Emily and Justin

It was the happiest moment of my life.

Image 2 of Emily and Justin

Image 3 of Emily and Justin