Emily and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I met in high school. I was a sophomore and he was a junior. One day he said he accidentally added me on Facebook because he thought I was a friend of his from school, whose name was also Emily. He noticed me on Facebook but never said anything. I saw his friend request and thought he was very cute! It’s funny because we never messaged each other or anything on social media. I started noticing him more and more because one of his friends was my friend and he would always say hi to me in the hallways with Justin right next to him. Justin eventually started saying hi and talking to me too.

Image 1 of Emily and Justin

One day Justin was with another friend walking home and he saw me and said hi, but I couldn’t remember his name and was so nervous and so I called him the wrong name and said, “Hi Austin” and he looked at me and laughed a little and said, “it’s Justin.” In my head, I was like wow, there goes my chance… Then we found each other on Instagram and I had messaged him to say sorry for calling him the wrong name in person and we just kept talking from there. He was definitely different than all the guys I knew in the way he talked and joked with me. We had a real connection. BUT he ended up breaking my heart after a month of talking and said he couldn’t do it. I was really hurt because I was just falling hard for him so hard (I know, I was in high school, but we all have our own definition of love). I couldn’t get over him and he would still say hi to me in the hallways and try to still be my friend.

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Then after a month of trying to be my friend, he messaged me one day apologizing. He said that he couldn’t stop thinking of me, and he had made a mistake and regretted it. I knew with everything he was telling me that it was sincere. I had told my mom everything that happened with him, even him breaking my heart and she asked me “why would you get back with someone who did this to you?” And I replied, “because he’s different. It’s different with him.” I ended up taking him back. And here we are, 7 and a half years later, never broke up after that time, and now more in love than ever to my handsome fiancé. Then about a year into the relationship, IN HIGH SCHOOL

I told my mom, “He’s the one. I’m going to marry him one day.” I think she thought I was crazy but here we are. When you know, you just know. ❤️

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How They Asked

I had scheduled a photoshoot in May with Justin. It’s nothing out of the ordinary to do this because we love taking photos together and we always take pictures with our best friend’s mom because she’s an amazing photographer. Anyways, I wanted to do this photoshoot because we originally were going to go to Paris and The U.K. at the end of July for 2 weeks and I had planned two photo shoots out there in each country. Due to coronavirus, our trip got canceled. Apparently, he was going to propose to me out there in Paris during one of the photoshoots!

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But since that didn’t happen, he wasn’t going to let COVID ruin his plans for proposing and messaged our photographer immediately after I booked with her and told her his plan. The whole day was normal and actually super fun. He even let me pick out his outfit for the photos and his haircut to make sure the pictures were perfect.

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As we were heading up the mountains we just made small conversations and talked about how excited we were to take photos to make up for our Europe trip. When we got to the mountains to take our photos, our photographer/best friend’s mom said, “I wish these could be your proposal photos. I’m still waiting for the day that happens and I want to capture it!”

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And I replied, “Yeah, whenever that happens. Maybe in another seven years.” I said joking around. But whenever we vacation (which is frequent for us) or have any photoshoots, I have a bit of hope that he will propose. So something in me was saying, “this could be it!” But we were getting to the end of the shoot and no ring so I lost hope.

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Then our photographer said, “This is a PERFECT spot” and emphasized the word PERFECT. Justin started getting down on one knee and I started sobbing like a baby. It was perfect and I’m such a beautiful and I invite the location. The mountains will always have a special place in my heart.❤️💍

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Special Thanks

Vikki Ceja
 | Photographer