Emily and Joshua

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How We Met

Joshua and I met on the train. I could feel his smile lingering as I sat and (pretended to) read my book. I subtly tried to sneak a peek but his eyes lit up when they met mine and we picked up talking as though we were already mid-conversation. He told me, “I’ve never felt such an overwhelming need to talk to someone, and then instantly want to know everything about them”. As the train slowed towards my stop, he offered to walk me to my office and despite the cold winter weather; we took the long-way. By the time we had reached the revolving doors in front of my building, his lips were blue and my teeth were chattering. Even still – he prolonged another 10 minutes before asking for my number! Though, quickly made up for it by texting me before I made it to the elevator inside, asking if he could bring me a coffee to warm up.

Later I found out he had first noticed me while I was purchasing my ticket. He had decided to let the train in front of him leave the station so we would be on the same one together. “Best decision of my life.” I hate to think about the close-miss we might’ve been if he hadn’t waited for me on that platform, and said “hello”.

how they asked

We were excited to wake up without a plan for such a beautiful summer day. Craving an adventure out of the city, we laced our hiking boots and hit the road. It was all so natural and spontaneous that my suspicions weren’t heightened at all – plus, he made me feel like I was in charge of the plans – classic. I picked a local mountain and the perfect day began. However, being a Colorado native, he was not amused by the Massachusetts “foothill” that we submitted in just 45 minutes. We were both up for another hike so we road-tripped to a second mountain about an hour north in NH. By the time we reached the top of the next summit… I was ready for my sandwich. We found a beautiful opening past the peak on the quiet side of the mountain with an incredible view for our private picnic.

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We sat – looking out at God’s beauty – and talked for over an hour. We reminisced about our favorite memories together, things we were grateful for, and plans for our future. Little did I know, he was proposing to me this entire time. I stood to hike back down and turned to find Joshua on his knee, whispering “Emily Margaret Ellis…”

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While we were having lunch, he smoothly leaned his iPhone against a rock behind us and left a video running – capturing the entire proposal.

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Joshua was afraid I was going to fall off the mountain I was so ecstatic. He asked if I wanted to stop at my parents’ house in NH to surprise them on our way back home, so I started sprinting down the mountain past the other descending hikers yelling, “We’re getting married!!!”

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But then after a few minutes of skipping and jumping, the excitement (and double summits) caught up to me and I started hyperventilating. I pulled over on the side of the trail to catch my breath… while the same hikers we just ran past causing a scene…passed us again – giving Joshua the look, “good luck!”

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A few days later my iPhone storage became full after taking SO many pictures of my ring and screenshots from the proposal video. When I was cleaning up my old photos to create more room… I found a screenshot from exactly one year before our engagement when Joshua was texting me goodnight and practically prophesied our proposal:

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Our Video