Emily and Josh

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How We Met

Emily: It all began with a few pivotal questions in the summer of 2014 when my friend said to me, “Have you met Josh Young? Also a Broadway Actor; he was nominated for a Tony Award a few years back for his role in Jesus Christ Superstar? Won the Theatre World Award?” I had heard of his name before, but I was not sure if we had met before or how we may be connected. As it turned out, we shared the same manager, Jen Namoff!

While Josh was in Chicago on tour with Evita, Jen called him and asked if he knew me. Josh subsequently had seen me in the HBO TV show titled Louie, when I played the role of Louie’s daughter. Realizing Jen was a mutual contact between us, Josh sent me a message on Facebook. With the passionate and poetic eloquence of Shelley, Keats, and Shakespeare all rolled into one, he said, “You played one of the daughters on “Louie” – the grown up version of the daughter? Right? Hi, BTW”. Unable to control the sudden pangs of passion derived from such prose, I replied with a carnal, “Yep.”

We chatted together via Facebook over highbrow topics and common interests, such as sexy ice bucket challenges and videos of people falling down. We decided to take our relationship as “cyber chums” into the real world!

On August 29th at Haru Sushi, we met for twenty-nine minutes of hot, steamy, and intense: shishito peppers. Sadly, the rest of the food did not come out in time before Josh had to go back to Rehearsal. Josh, knowing neither subtlety nor balance, pulled out all the stops for our next rendezvous, which was in a candle-lit cellar of the number one rated Moroccan Café on the Upper West Side. Although it was the third date, that sealed the deal for me. We had agreed to watch the 86th “Academy Awards” at his West Village “pied-a-terre,” which in reality, was an overpriced one-room sublet with a murphy bed. When I arrived, I saw that he had thoughtfully put together a smorgasbord of beautifully displayed spiced meats, exotic cheeses, and flavored jams for us to snack on.

It was Josh’s consideration and care that I fell in love with. It was our easy banter, hilarious red-carpet commentary (or at least we thought we were Abbot and Costello), and the discovery of all we had in common that resulted in two years of happiness! We realized for the first time that it really is possible to fall in love with your best friend.

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how they asked

Josh: It began when I was asked to perform my “One-man Show” on a cruise ship, The Oriana, which would sail from Bermuda to Miami. I had been to Bermuda before, so I knew this might be the perfect setting for an engagement! The elaborate plan behind the proposal began when I was CC’d on an email correspondence between Emily and her friend Rebecca, an actress who had grown up in Bermuda. The e-mail conversation between the two ladies was mainly about different restaurants and bars to check out while they visited the island. I used this e-mail conversation as an opportunity to contact Emily’s friend myself and let her in on my big idea to propose!

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Rebecca agreed to tell Emily that she “just happened” to have to leave Bermuda before the two of us would arrive. Sadly, this sudden departure also meant Rebecca would have to drop out of a “modeling gig on the beach” that was scheduled with a local wedding photographer, Melanie Fiander of Fiander Foto. Thinking to replace herself for the “missed modeling opportunity,” she knew Emily might be keen to fill in while we were in town! (Wink – Wink) At this stage, I had already been in touch with Melanie, and she happily agreed to go along with our plan!

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After months of planning, hiding, scheming and just plain fibbing, the time had come! We arrived in Bermuda three days before The Oriana was scheduled to depart from Bermuda. We stayed at Newstead Belmont Hills in a romantic oceanfront suite for some good old-fashioned rest and relaxation! While Emily got ready for the alleged modeling shoot, I booked our taxi, and we were on our way to meet Melanie at the beach! The “modeling shoot” began with Emily as the main subject, although once Melanie gave me the signal, I slowly approached Emily who was standing at the water’s edge. With Jobson’s Cove as a backdrop and just before sunset, I got down on one knee, and Emily agreed to be my wife!

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A full-on engagement shoot quickly followed my proposal photo shoot! We continued to walk the paths along the South Shore Beaches, stopping along the way to take photographs. It was beautiful to see the different rock formations along the beach! Melanie asked us if we were feeling brave and we even got in the water, which was a little chilly in January! Before we departed, we passed by Jobson’s Cove again and decided to “ham it up” by reenacting our proposal, which was fitting for us as Broadway Actors!

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