Emily and Joseph

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How We Met

Joey and I met through mutual friends in high school. He was in a band, and we bonded over our love of the same music! I couldn’t help but attend all of the band practices and concerts, and the rest is history. It’s difficult to specify our “how we met” story because we have been part of each others’ lives for so long.

how they asked

The two of us had gone camping with Joey’s family in Morro Bay, CA for the family’s annual camping trip. On the second day of our trip, I had a gut feeling that something big was going to happen. But his entire family was completely normal, eating breakfast around the camp fire. After so long, I broke and told Joey what I was thinking. He gently told me that that day was not proposal day, and that he was so sorry I had thought so. I went into the tent to get ready for the day, and when I came out, he had left to “go fishing” with the boys. I was so upset that he didn’t even say goodbye! When the girls and I went to meet up with them, his mom told me to go to the top of the trail where Joey was. I realized no one was following me, and there were signs leading me throughout the trail. He was waiting at the top, and when he saw me, he said, “you only had to wait 20 minutes!” Through both of our tears, he asked me to marry him, and, of course, I said yes! And when I turned around, my entire family was there to surprise me, and had traveled hours to be there! It was the most magical day, and the perfect proposal.

Special Thanks

Jennifer Pishinsky
 | Photographer