Emily and Joseph

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How We Met

Joey and I grew up in the same town and had a few friends in common. We went to elementary and middle school together and I ended up transferring high schools so we did not really talk from high school to college. One day a friend of mine came over and said she discovered a new dating app! She was so excited to show me it so she downloaded it to my phone and started to use it. As she was swiping through (yes, it was tinder) she was shocked to see how many friends this one guy and I had in common. I looked down to see Joey’s photo on the screen and instantly swiped right because I knew him! We messaged casually back and forth catching up on the last decade and decided to meet up for drinks later that week. We went out for drinks in Boston and fast forward 4 years later we are now engaged!

how they asked

I am a photographer so when my friend Rachael from Dragonfly Photography asked me to help her with a family session I didn’t think anything of it! I typically bring along my boyfriend to sessions so that he can help me hold bags and coordinate with kids running around. The night of the proposal we had made dinner plans with two good friends so he came along to the session since it was on our way. When we arrived to the beach it was high tide so we ended up walking up the beach and found a very quiet area where no one was at. As Rachael pulled out her camera, she got a “text” from the family saying they would be late. She casually asked my boyfriend and I to step in so she could run some test shots while the family got there. It wasn’t abnormal to do a test shot either so again I didn’t think anything of it. Joey and I walked out onto the rocks and found a nice grassy area and Rachael clicked a few shots. I heard her cue Joey on certain poses and mentioning “Ill get a good photos for you guys”. After a few portraits together I saw Joey get down on one knee and thought he was playing a joke for Rachael and that is when I saw the ring. I instantly cried in disbelief as he was holding onto the ring extremely tightly since we were in the middle of the water and rocks! I obviously said yes to his question and was crying the entire time.

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