Emily and Jose

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How We Met

Taking a “leap of faith,” Emily committed to getting involved with the community by volunteering for a new event with her church’s young adult group. She was really hesitant to go to the training because she didn’t know anyone – even almost turned her car around half way there. She arrived late and left as soon as the orientation was done.

The next day, after the event concluded, they chatted for a while at the adjoining restaurant and exchanged numbers before they went their separate ways. The next day, Jose called to ask Emily out for dinner where they instantly hit it off!

how they asked

Several months later, Emily was hired by the organization that put on the ministry event and ironically became one of the main people in charge of running the event. The event was held at a local, historic theater and reoccurred monthly. Since they both spent a lot of time at the theater where they met, Jose decided it would be the perfect place to propose! To plan the proposal, Jose contacted one of Emily’s colleagues who put him in contact with the event manager she worked with at the theater.

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The event manager there then contacted Emily to come in and go over event details on a Sunday afternoon. Emily arrived for the “meeting” at the adjoining restaurant and the manager asked if she wanted to go inside the theater to hear listen to a band while they were doing their sound check. Emily though, “sure, why not go listen, but won’t it be a little loud to talk?” After a few minutes inside the theater, they headed back outside where Jose was anxiously waiting. Nervously he turned her around to show her the marquee where “Emily, will you marry me?” was written and got down on one knee. His whole family and her parents (along with restaurant diners across the street) were there to witness the joyous occasion. A champagne toast at the restaurant’s rooftop followed, then all went to the restaurant where they had their first date to celebrate their engagement!

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