Emily and Jordan

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How We Met

In 2007, Young love found us at the Owasso 6th grade center. From there it was like a fairytale and by fairytale I mean sometimes we would ride the bus together, walk the halls side by side, and have our best friends pass notes to each other. When Christmas time came, he told me to not get him anything but I was determined to anyway. I bought him a giant Hershey’s Kiss and a teddy bear. Shortly after giving him the gift, he broke up with me. I didn’t think much of it except for maybe he didn’t like the gift?” -The Bride

It was 2007. We were in 6th grade. I remember seeing this really cute girl who had the most mesmerizing blue eyes and freckles on her cheeks and nose. She had me lured immediately, however, me being the kid that I was, I knew I had to play it cool and collected. I later found her MySpace profile and instantly messaged her. After a couple messages back-and-forth, we really started to hit it off. Finally, we gathered the confidence to meet and talk in person after a soccer game; Ems came to watch me play and we chatted after it ended. To be quite honest, I couldn’t tell you how I asked her to be my girlfriend, all I remember is that it happened. In the short coming days we walked the halls, she rode the bus with me, and we held hands. It was your fairly typical 6th grade, pre-adolescent “love.” One day Ems, messaged me and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. At the time, my parents had no idea I was dating someone so the thought of having to buy a Christmas gift for her and return home with a present, meant that they would inevitably find out. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that it’d be best to pass on gifts and told Emily to not get me anything. Unfortunately, Ems was, and still is, a stubborn one and her biggest love language is “gift giving,” so, she bought me a teddy bear and giant Hershey’s kiss for Christmas. I broke up with her shortly after.- The Groom

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FAST FORWARD TO 2013: Thanksgiving was around the corner and OHS did something similar to candy grams, but instead you wrote a note saying something you were thankful for about a specific person and everyone received them before break. During my 5th hour we got to open our bags up and read all the notes that people had written us. Among the little messages was one from Jordan. He apologized for breaking up with me in 6th grade over getting him a gift and he wanted to make up for it before we graduated. I honestly had forgotten about it, but I was okay with his excuse to take me on a date.”- The Bride

It was the week before Thanksgiving and Owasso had these things called “Great Thank You’s,” which were letters that were sent to people (similar to a candy-gram). I remembered just a week before I saw Ems at an event called “Youth Alive,” and I thought, “Dang she is really cute, I have to talk to her again.” So, I mustered the courage to go up and ask her how her non-profit was going and we chatted for a bit. My friends witnessed this and appropriately began teasing me saying “Ooohh, Jordan’s talking to Hack again.” So when it came time to writing my thank you’s, I decided I definitely owed Emily an apology and sent her a note telling her how sorry I was for breaking up with her in 6th grade over my gift…and how I wanted to make it up to her with a date. I left my number in the note and told her to text me. The next day I received a text from an unknown number saying “Hey =)” and instantly I knew. I was in. *insert fist bump here* I took her on our first date Christmas Eve to the Rhema Lights. – The Groom

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how they asked

The day started out like any other day, but we declared the day a “date” day which we do often and take turns on who will plan the day. It was Jordan’s turn. We went to Rick’s Bakery to get sausage rolls and Starbucks for coffee, a shopping center, an art museum, and my favorite restaurant. Then Jordan said he had a surprise for me, which I didn’t think much of. Little did I know he took me to a park near my house where he had my best friends and family members lined up with roses and letters along a trail. When I reached the end of the trail, I was picked up and taken to a gazebo where Jordan was waiting for me. We danced to our favorite songs, talked about how far we had come, and then he got choked up and said, “Well I guess it’s time.” He got down on one knee and asked if I wanted to marry him. I said yes!”-The Bride

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December 9, 2017. It’s time. Today is the day. Ems had been speaking of a proposal for a while–she brings it up daily and has sent me numerous pictures of our friends who have gotten engaged. Little does she know, I’ve spoken with her best friends and family for several days and had finally crafted the perfect plan: Ems and I started off the day by going to our favorite bakery, Rick’s. Next, we headed to Emily’s favorite coffee shop – Starbucks – and then to the Crystal Bridge Art Museum, and finally to Shoguns. After dinner, I told Ems that I had a surprise for her. I blind folded her and dropped her off at Wilson Park where her best friends and family waited for her with roses and letters about why they loved her. While she was at the park, I headed to a gazebo on Mt. Sequoyah. Ems arrived where I met her and walked her to the gazebo where we danced to some of our favorite love songs. After getting teary eyed, I decided it was time. I dropped to one knee and asked the most important question of my life!-The Groom

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