Emily and Jonny

How We Met

We unashamedly met on Tinder! We both were on there just for fun, not really taking it serious. But then we matched with each other and the rest is history! As it turns out, his cousin was one of my best guy friends in high school!

how they asked

It was the weekend of my fall break from school. We had a whole weekend planned with fun things to do because it is very rare that I have a whole entire weekend free! My mom and I had plans to run errands all day (which thankfully involved getting my nails done) and then I was just going to go over to his house after. About halfway through the day, he told me had to work late so to just meet him at his house later on in the evening. Disappointed, I said it was okay and told him that I would just go shopping the rest of the day instead of going all the way back home. So 7:00 rolls around and he tells me he was about to leave work so to come over in about 45 mins. The whole time, he was texting me asking where I was at and making sure I told him when I was about to pull in the driveway. I get to his house, park in the driveway, and then I see it all. The lit pathway. The archway of lights. The love of my life standing there waiting for me. And that’s when it hits me, the best moment of my life was about to happen. I get out of the car and there was a note waiting for me about how this is the day we’ve been so excited for, for such a long time. I walk down the pathway and hug him for about 5 minutes, both of our hearts about to pound out of our chest. Totally at a loss for words, both of us in tears, he gets down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. And of course I said yes! Then after we let the moment sink in for a minute, he points out the THREE video cameras he had set up to capture the whole thing on video! It is something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. I can’t wait to marry him.

P.S. He didn’t really have to work late. He took a half day from work so he could set everything up :) sneaky lil thing

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