Emily and Jon

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How We Met

Jonathan and I previously worked together at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Central Pennsylvania. I first started there in early 2013, where my managers (one is now a bridesmaid!) encouraged me to get to know him. They quite persistently tried to have us meet simply because they both thought our personalities and sense of humor would be a good match. Early on, we had went on a few dates but decided that at the present time we would remain friends. From there, we grew rather close with one another, having lunch and dinner dates – running our branches in tandem and even completing (read: walking) a Halloween-themed 5k. Fast forward to 2014, Jon and I had been talking more frequently and I realized that I felt there was something more. In late February, I suggested we try a second first date and from there on, it has all been wonderful history.

how they asked

Our proposal was truly nothing short of a whirlwind. Jon and I both enjoy traveling so we had started planning our first tour of Europe in early 2016. He explicitly stated that I should NOT expect a proposal during this trip (ha!) and that there would not be any surprises. As the story goes, during the planning process, Jon had a change of heart and was intricately researching locations that we could include on our trip. His two options were to propose within a park in Bath, England, held in an intimate garden with a local photographer. However, knowing Jon, he also looked into something larger: the SD Eibar vs. FC Barcelona soccer game at Ipurua in Eibar, Spain. A few weeks prior to the trip, he reached out to both places, only hearing back from those in England and began the planning process there – and was confirmed up until we were already on our trip, in England. However, during our second day, Jon received a message from Ainara, coordinator for SD Eibar’s communications, asking if he still had the intention to propose and if so, they had a plan. Behind the scenes, they had already received approval from La Liga to have the proposal held on the field rather than the stands and that they would mask it as giving us a gift for traveling so far to see their team play (we are avid fans, to say the least). Right before half-time, we ventured down under the stadium, having the opportunity to be within inches of the Barcelona team (Messi and Suarez to name a few!). As we went onto the field, Ainara and John let us know they had a jersey to present us with and as the media’s cameramen focused in on us, Jon took the shirt and on the back was “Emily, Will You Marry Me?”. It was the most thrilling moment of my life – bringing me to tears now as I author this. What was even more wild is that we saw ourselves on both British and Spanish national television later that evening! There are not enough words to express our gratitude, even to this day, to Ainara, John and the SD Eibar team for their efforts and support in making this incredible moment happen for us.

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