Emily and John

How We Met

We “met” officially last April at a mutual friends house where there was a bunch of people over for a sand volleyball tournament. I came with a couple of close friends and mostly stuck with them for the majority of the night, I remember pointing him out and thinking he was cute but I didn’t think much about it after that. He says I said something to him (probably something cheesy) that caught his eye. We both left that friends house not thinking much of it and eventually forgot about the whole event. One day that following June my sister called me and said a boy wanted to take me out on a date, I actually thought I knew who the boy was going to be and then she said the name John Taylor and I was surprised. I immediately remembered him from the night we played volleyball, I was very excited for the possibility to go out with this handsome boy!

A couple days later I received a text from him re introducing himself and we talked for a little, I remember sitting by the phone being so giddy every time I got a text back, I know a total girl thing to do. The following night I got a phone call from him asking me if I was interested on going on a double date on Monday, the next day. We had a very short time frame because I was leaving for Lake Powell that Tuesday and he was leaving for Mississippi the following Saturday and I would still be on vacation, so we literally had one day to go on a date, I was so excited! We went mini golfing and went to a pizzeria after, the whole time I felt like he was my best friend he was so sweet and so easy to talk to and not to mention how insanely cute he was. After we had pizza the other couple left and he started driving me home. On the way to my house there is a little trail and a pretty waterfall, he asked if I would want to go up there and see it, and of course I said yes I wanted the night to never end! As we got out of the car and started walking up the trail and he took my hand, suddenly I got massive butterflies. We talked for awhile about a wide range of stuff, still trying to get to know each other. I began to think that he might kiss me and I got overwhelmed with excitement/nervousness, we kept talking and as things were starting to wrap up he gently grabbed my chin and kissed me!! It was probably the most magical thing.

Then after such a wonderful night he dropped me off knowing I would be leaving tomorrow and that he would be in Mississippi for the next 2 months so he had to leave me with a “good impression” and he sure did. For some reason I wasn’t that sad that he was going to Mississippi because I knew that I would be busy and he would be too and that maybe hopefully when he got back that we would go on more dates. Little did I know that we would talk every night for hours laughing till we cried, telling jokes, and telling each other about our days. It didn’t make sense how after one date I could already picture my life with this sweet boy. When he came home we both had a week left till school but he would be at a school two hours south of me but I still wasn’t nervous that things would suddenly end, I knew we would keep in touch.

I was right we spent our weekends driving and doing everything and anything you can think of, I really suggest being with your best friend, it makes life a continuous party and adventure. Here we are now getting married in less than 4 months and I couldn’t be more grateful for sand volleyball, phone calls, and cheap gas.

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how they asked

I know everyone thinks their proposal is the best and that’s how it should be but really mine was the best ;) John told me we were going to one of his old soccer buddies wedding reception and that his sister Mary would be picking me up because he was coming straight from school and did not have time to get me. So Mary drove me to Memory Grove Park in Salt Lake City and said she would drop me off while she went to go pick up her husband, me being as oblivious as ever did not suspect a thing. I jumped out of the car to see John all dressed up and looking so handsome, he grabbed my hand and he was acting so cool so I really did not see anything coming. Memory Grove Park is a beautiful park with trails and beautiful trees. We started walking towards the “reception” and he said he wanted to show me the cool meditation chapel over this little bridge. At that moment I finally started to think maybe something else was happening, I whipped my head and looked him straight in the eyes, he acted like he didn’t notice my sudden change in mood. I squeezed his hand so tight. Then I started to go up the cobble stone steps that were lined with candles and I KNEW I started screaming “oh my heck, oh my heck!” When we got to the top there was a heart shaped out of candles, he grabbed my hand and leaded me into the heart. He continued to say some of the dearest words I will hold onto for the rest of my life then he got down on one knee, and before he even asked if I would marry him I was already saying YES YES YES! I was a little eager. Then after I said yes my whole family popped out of the bushes and surprised me and my sister and her husband were taking pictures. I am lucky I have a wedding photographer as a sister because she captured the moment so beautifully. I really do consider myself the luckiest girl in the world.

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Special Thanks

Kailey Van Brocklin
 | Photographer