Emily and John

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How We Met

We first met at a summer theater camp program in our small New Jersey town when I was ten years old and John was twelve. John played Tom Sawyer in the summer production while I was chorus member #3. We didn’t speak much but always knew each other from that experience. We reconnected almost ten years later after John finished college in California and came home to New Jersey for the summer. He had accepted a full time position in California and I attended his going away party three days before he left. We ended up hitting it off and laughing over the experience of first meeting each other in that summer camp 10 years before. We spent the whole night together and the last three days before he went off to California for good. I found myself wanting to talk to him all the time even though I knew he would be living in California for good. Fast forward a few months of us continuing to talk everyday because I loved conversations with him, and  he found out he was being transferred to Boston. We decided to give a long distance relationship a try and have been dating ever since for almost 3 years. He has moved back to New Jersey in the past year and we have been living close to each other and were ready to take the next step in our relationship.

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how they asked

I want to start by saying I could tell this story one million times and still be shocked that he pulled this off. I came home one night from work to find him sitting in my room, with his camera, and he said “how much do you trust me”. I was so confused by this question and all these scenarios started running through my head. He proceeded to tell me that he had contacted my boss and I had off on Friday and Monday so he could take me on a surprise vacation. He gave me a packing list, a run down of the weather, a hug and said “get to packing”. I was so surprised and very curious as to where we were going. He told me we would be driving so I started to think we could possibly go back to Boston where we had made so many memories. When Friday rolled around, I was so nervous and excited to find out where we were going. As we started to drive, I realized he was in the exit only ramp for the Philadelphia Airport! Once he parked, he pulled out my boarding pass and a plane ticket to Paris. I couldn’t believe we were flying to France for one weekend! When we got to France we did the usual site seeing for the first day and on the second day he told me that he had a fancy brunch planned for us in the morning. We had a cab drop us off at a building that overlooked the Eiffel Tower.

It was 7:00 am, so no one was out and as we walked out to the terrace it was absolutely breathtaking with the early morning sunlight. John then set up a camera because he said he wanted to take pictures of the beautiful scenery (little did I know, he was recording the entire thing). He then walked over and began the most romantic speech I have ever heard. He recapped our relationship starting with us being 10 and 12 years old, and ended by saying “I know we have talked a lot about wanting to see the whole world together, but I see my whole world in you.”

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When he was down on one knee I realized I am literally the luckiest person alive that I have found someone who knows me so well and loves me this much. Then, of course,  I said yes! The video he made of our trip does a great job of showing everything that we got to do in 48 hours in Paris and it captures the moment of the proposal beautifully.

“To the woman who wants to see the world, I see my whole world in you…”

Special Thanks

Gloria Villa