Emily and Joe

how we met

We probably met a couple times before we really MET–Joe was roommates with my roommate (and bff!)’s older brother. We definitely attended a lot of the same house parties for years before we really knew each other. We MET met at a hotel karaoke bar in DC that our circle frequented–another place that we saw each other a lot without really hanging out, but this particular night we did, and we were dating within a week I think.

how they asked

We went to the Shenandoah Valley and stayed in a pretty remote cabin for a long weekend with Charlie. I had a really really good feeling it was going to happen, and was pretty bummed after a perfect weekend to go to bed on Sunday night without a proposal! I couldn’t sleep and got back up to hang out on the couch, and Joe figured it out and followed me a few minutes later with the ring. He had been planning on proposing the next morning on the balcony! It was perfect though.


Special Thanks