Emily and Jimmy

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Aspen, Co.

How We Met

Jimmy and I met our first day of law school when we were assigned seats next to each other in Torts class. Casual conversation and nerdy law jokes evolved into a sweet friendship. A few coffee dates and study breaks later, I knew this was something special. He’s so dedicated and hardworking, yet so laid back and his witty humor is unparalleled. He’s grounded in faith and continually challenges me to be better. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful man to spend the rest of my life with.

how they asked

My family went to Aspen, Colorado for spring break. I’ve grown up going to Aspen almost every year, so it holds a special place in my heart. My family thought it would be fun to invite my boyfriend but he told me he had plans to ski in Utah. Little did I know, they’d been plotting since January. So my family and I decided to go into town to do a little shopping. We stopped for a break at one of my favorite bakeries when this horse-drawn carriage pulls up.

I wasn’t paying any attention until I hear my family say “who’s that?” I looked up and it didn’t really register that it was my boyfriend because I still thought he was in Utah. That sweet smile and wave had my heart beating 200mph. I still had no idea he’d come to propose. The carriage took us to a sleigh. The sleigh took us over the snowy hills and through the trees to this breathtaking bridge where my best friend got down on his knee. It was the easiest question I’ve had to answer since beginning law school.

Emily and Jimmy's Engagement in Aspen, Co.

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