Emily and Jim

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How We Met: We had a mutual friend and I guess my name was mentioned and I received a friend request from some guy named Jim. It’s funny because a month ago I was looking at this guy’s profile and wanted to look at his pictures but it was so private I couldn’t! So I received the request and accepted. We chatted and exchanged numbers. He was 21 and I was 18, a senior in high school. We finally decided to meet. Drum roll please…. A parking lot!! It was about 7pm in early February of 2011 and he asked if we could meet at a park around our house. It was dark, it was scary, and unbelievably dumb of me! But it went well. I had a feeling when I first entered his car that he was the one I will spend the rest of my life with. I remember talking and him asking me out on a date the following day but I told him I was going up to a college party with a bunch of friends. He said you can go on a date with me or go to a dumb party. Well let’s just say I went on the date and the rest is history!

how they asked: Fast forward almost 4 and a half years later to a hot and muggy Tuesday afternoon. I left class early since he was off. We planned on going out to dinner at a restaurant we both like in Cape May. I didn’t eat lunch so I was hungry and asked if we could have dinner early. He was upset about going early but we did anyway. We were done eating by 5pm and heading back home. My bladder was so full that we got into an argument just because I could’ve sworn I was going septic! Well we stopped at Ocean City where I relieved my bladder and we got ice cream at a place I used to work at when we first started dating. We laughed and had a really good time. We then decided to take a walk on the beach. We held hands and walked along the water. He had his gopro with him so I assumed he was going to jump into the water and take photos since he does stuff like that. But he didn’t, he put his gopro down in the water facing us which I thought was weird. I assumed we were doing a photo shoot so I started posing. He said it was on timelapse so I put my hair up and posed some more. I then realized he was crying. I asked why he was crying and my heart started racing. Tears started flowing from my eyes because I still don’t know why he was crying. He laid his head on my chest and then pulled out a ring. I was shocked! I know everything that is going on at all times! He got down on one knee and between tears asked me to marry him.

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I mean he has asked me to marry him every single night we’ve been together but this is real! He actually just proposed to me! He said I ruined his plans and that he wanted to do it in front of the light house in cape may at sunset. We both laughed about it and I apologized for being hungry. But I’m still in shock. I honestly didn’t think I was going to be shocked or for it to be as emotional as it was. I am marrying my best friend and could not be any happier.

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