Emily and Jessie

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How We Met

Jessie and I met while we were both undergrad students at the University of Central Florida. We went on an alternative spring break volunteer trip to the Dominican Republic in March 2017, and though we had both worked in the same Office of Student Involvement for some time, we had not ever seen one another until the trip. On day two, we were put in the same group to teach a classroom of elementary students an art lesson. We have been pretty inseparable since that day. I knew right away that he was something special. When we returned to Florida, I had just a few weeks left until graduation, and I had already committed to graduate school in Texas. For some reason, that did not discourage either of us. We made the most of that summer: going to the beach, cooking together, weekend trips and adventures, spending time with his family (who I immediately fell in love with), and really just finding magic in ordinary days. I moved to Texas in June 2017 and thus began two years of our long-distance relationship. We made trips back and forth every few weeks and longed for the day when we no longer had tearful airport goodbyes anymore. Happily, we moved to Durham, NC for Jessie’s master’s degree at Duke in August 2019! During our time there, we moved into our first place together, brought our first puppy home, rescued our second dog, and really established a sense of family amongst the 4 of us. We moved again in February 2022, up to Boston, MA this time. We have been adjusting to the cold (the dogs love the snow) and settling in here since then!

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How They Asked

We have explored some parts of New England since February, and I had a few other excursions planned for when my mom and sister would be in town in June. We had Cape Cod on our schedule, and luckily my dad was able to fly in for the day to join us. Last-minute, Jessie let me know that his parents would also be able to come up and visit us in our new place and make the Cape Cod day trip as well! I thought we would be taking a family Christmas card picture, so I dressed accordingly. However, Jessie had orchestrated a beautiful proposal instead. He had a photographer waiting with champagne, and he asked me to marry him at sunset on the beach–with our families watching and waiting to celebrate with us! It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and I could not be more excited to plan our wedding!

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