Emily and Jaron - a Beach Proposal!

How we met: Jaron and I first met at a Smokey Bones restaurant. I worked there and he came in with a friend who was dating one of my friends who worked with me at the restaurant. This was in 2002. At the time, he was dating someone else so I just thought to myself, “He is so hot…but he is taken” and that was it. I saw him a few times throughout the next couple of years around Orlando/UCF, but it wasn’t until December 2004 when we actually “met”. My roommate started working at a bar in downtown Orlando and after her first night, told me that Jaron worked at the bar too. It just so happened that I needed some extra cash so I had her get me a job at the bar!! Once I started working there, I realized that he was no longer dating his long time girlfriend, so one night when it was slow I walked up to the bar, asked him if he had a pen, wrote my number on a cocktail napkin, and handed him the pen and the napkin. Then I walked away! He called me the next day and the rest is history…seven years later and we are getting married!

how they asked: Jaron asked me to marry him the day after Thanksgiving (2009). But before we get to that part, I have to mention that he did drive from Melbourne to St. Pete to ask my parents in person. He told me that he was going to St. Pete to visit his best friend and to look at a site for a restaurant the his friend wanted to open. But he actually was going to visit my parents. My parents didn’t know he was coming so when he knocked on the door, my mom had a feeling she knew the reason why he was there. But then Jaron came in and talked with them for an hour and didn’t mention anything about the engagement, so then my mom thought maybe she was wrong.

She was right though…Jaron was just really nervous!! So eventually my mom said, “Isn’t Andrew going to wonder where you are?” And that’s when Jaron finally got to the point and pulled out the ring and asked for their permission!! This all happened on Monday. Jaron and my parents had to keep quiet until Friday, which they all said was so hard!

So the Friday after Thanksgiving I had to work in the morning and then in the afternoon we planned on getting lunch. Now, when I am hungry, I get grumpy… So on my way home from the office, I called Jaron to tell him that I was starving and that I hope he is already dressed because I want to leave right away. He was dressed…and after the proposal he told me he tried on ever pair of jeans in his closet to see which pair hid the ring box the best! At the time, we lived a few blocks from the beach so when we left the house he said that he wanted to go by the beach first.

Of course I protested since I was starving, but he insisted that we go because he said that his friend told him he saw tarpon out in the water earlier in the day and wanted to see it for himself. So eventually I agree and say as long as it is quick. Once we get to the beach, we walk to the end of the boardwalk and I stop, thinking as long as we can see the water, we have walked far enough. But Jaron insists that we walk on the beach a little ways. Again, at this point I am just starving and don’t understand what we are doing but I walk with him anyway. After about 30 more seconds he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. The actual moment is a bit of a blur because I was so shocked…but I do remember crying, and I do remember saying yes, and I do remember feeling like the happiest girl in the world :-)

Photos were taken in Islamorada in the Florida Keys by the amazingly talented Jessi Caparella of j photography. Check Jessi’s work out on Facebook too.