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We were on our West Coast vacation of the year and decided to visit the Grand Canyon again and take a hike into it. We reached the mile mark and stopped at this small cliff with an amazing view. Of course, I wanted my picture taken for my Instagram so I had him take 200 pictures of me front behind as I looked out into the view. After the first time, I had him take another set of pictures just to make sure I had more to choose from. I turned around to grab my phone but instead, I saw him down on one knee and heard him say, “Will you marry me?” I was literally so speechless and happy!

Proposal Ideas The Grand Canyon

However, I remembered that I was on the edge of this cliff and one step back would’ve been BAD so I threw myself to the ground and sobbed. To be honest, I didn’t know if it was real. We joke around SO much I didn’t believe it! One time, he had me believe he was going to propose at a Yankee’s baseball game that we attended – that wasn’t fun lol. The moment I knew the proposal was real was when I looked into the box in his hand. My dream ring was BEAMING so I lost it and cried even more.

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