Emily and Jace

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How We Met: Jace and I had been friends for about 4 years before we started dating. We went to the same High School but he was a scrawny little sophomore while I was a senior so I didn’t pay him any attention. We started hanging out several years after high school as friends. We had the same group of friends and we would ski together during the winter. Jace actually pursued me for about a year before we started dating but I only ever saw him as a friend. He is studying to become a helicopter pilot and invited me on a flight and apparently I canceled the day before, I don’t actually remember this. He said that was the final straw and that he gave up after that. Then several months later I texted him and asked to hang out and it took off from there.

how they asked: Three months after we started dating, Jace was deployed to Afghanistan. We knew we were going to get married before he left and we had already picked out the ring. The jeweler told us it would not be ready by the time he left so he would have to pick it up when he got home. The whole time he was gone I kept telling him that as soon as he got home he better go get the ring and propose because I was very ready to be officially engaged. It’s awkward planning a wedding without a ring on your finger. Little did I know that Jace had picked up the ring before he left and he had been planning to propose to me at the airport. The day that he came home all of his friends and family came to the airport to greet him. His family had called Fox 13 news to come and record the whole thing. They kept telling me that news was there to cover the 13 Air Force members that were all coming home that day. I didn’t suspect a thing. As soon as Jace got off the escalator I ran and jumped into his arms. While he was holding me his mom run up and handed him the ring. He let go and then got down on one knee and proposed.

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