Emily and Hunter's Plane Proposal

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how they asked: Hunter and I met in the 9th grade at Rock Eagle 4-H center. We were campaigning for the Senior Board of Directors and have been best friends ever since. Living in different parts of the state, we were faced with the challenge of a long distance relationship but we worked through it and became stronger because the adversities at hand.

After graduation from high school, we both attended the University of Georgia in Athens. Hunter currently works at the State 4-H office in Athens and I attend grad school at East Carolina University. Although we are once again faced with long distance, the memories made and the incredible bond formed between us are a continual reminder that we can accomplish anything together.

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how they asked: Hunter grew up on a centennial family farm that has been in the Brock family for over 100 years. He always knew he wanted to incorporate the family heritage into their proposal and after many hours of planning, he successfully pulled it off. Hunter has always been fascinated with flying and Emily has been known for always searching for the next big adventure. Their two passions were united when Hunter called his Uncle Scott, who has a small private jet, and asked for a big time favor.

After Christmas dinner with Hunter’s family, the couple took to the skies for a trip over the family farm for the annual birthday flight that celebrates Hunter’s birthday. Emily thought nothing of it, since it had become a family tradition. However, this flight would be unlike any other she had ever taken.

Image 2 of Emily and Hunter's Plane ProposalOnce over the 1500 acre family farm, Emily noticed a message on the barn roof. Once the barn came into viewing distance, she read, “Marry Me.” When she turned around, Hunter was on his knee with a beautiful diamond ring.

The couple took a few more laps around the family farm before returning to the small crisp county airport, where all of their family was anxiously awaiting their return. Hunter and Emily have been dating nearly eight years and are so excited to start this new chapter in their life. Combining their love of traveling and the tropical beach setting, they have decided to have their wedding on the beautiful beaches of Puerto Rico in the summer of 2016.