Emily and Hunter

Image 1 of Emily and Hunter

How We Met

I have known Hunter for years, as I have always been close with his family. He has a sister my age who I have been friends with for a long time, and I was the small group leader at our church for his other sister who is in elementary school. One day, after Hunter had posted some pictures of him being a model for one of his photographer friends (the one who coincidentally took our engagement photos), and it hit me like a ton of bricks. This man is incredibly attractive.

I (smoothy I may add) started going to the coffee shop (the same one we got engaged in) Hunter worked at more often in hopes of running into him. One day I got lucky and went there to study on an evening he was working. The smile shared between us when we saw each was very telling of what our future would hold. I ordered a green tea from him and we struck up a conversation. He came and sat down at my table while I took a study break. That study break ended up hours as the conversation between us flowed very easily. We ended up talking until the coffee shop closed. When I left that evening, I knew there was a special spark between us, and I couldn’t wait to see Hunter again.

how they asked

Hunter asked me to marry him via latte art on our one year anniversary in the coffee shop we fell in love in. We were intending on meeting with our friend (who happens to be the photographer) and to keep me from getting suspicious, she slyly convinced me to she was at the coffee shop to take some marketing photos for the coffee shop. Hunter went behind the coffee shop bar to make our drinks and Aundrea (the photographer) snapped a few photos of the shop and the people in it. She then told me she wanted me as her model for a few photos (yes, I should have realized at this point but I was still oblivious). The atmosphere was filled with the song “Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg. I remember thinking how cute that song is as I always chuckle when I hear that song in a coffee shop.

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At this point, Hunter walked over carrying a drink with his hand covering the top. He hands me the latte and in chocolate letters, it reads “marry me?”

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I am baffled and shaking while Hunter gets down on one knee and pulls a red ring box out of his back pocket and proposes. He opens the ring box and inside is the most beautiful diamond ring.

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I distinctly remember thinking “this ring is so sparkly, but his eyes are sparkling more.” Before he could even get the ring on my finger, I couldn’t help but kiss him. After a passionate kiss, he asked me “so will you spend forever with me?” and I replied, “yes!!”

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Special Thanks

Aundrea Pye
 | Photographer
Wake Up Coffee Co.
 | The coffee shop we got engaged in
James Allen
 | Ring