Emily and Harshal

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How We Met

We met through my cousin Steve, he and my cousin both went to Dental school together in Las Vegas. My fiance lived in Vegas for 4 years but strangely enough we never met through those 4 years until I went to my cousins Birthday trip in New York. We kept in contact casually through social media and I was invited to a friends trip with their friend group to Alberta,Canada we both enjoyed eachother compnay and deciding to continue talking and we started traveling back and forth to visit each other(I lived in NV and he in NJ) we decided to start dating and He asked me to NJ with him and I did!

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How They Asked

We had a trip to Ariba and Curacao and my partner told me he had something special planned for my birthday and that it was a surprise while we were there so he told me to pack a nice outfit. On the day of my birthday surprise, we drove to a boat dock and he told me we’ll be sleeping on this private boat he booked and going to a private island. I was just thinking this was amazing! We had the most perfect day on this Island in the pristine clear blue waters snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing.

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It was time to get dressed for dinner and he had brought his drone he said let’s take pictures with the sunset. He started getting really nervous setting up the drive and I was confused about why. Once he got it going we started taking pictures and videos with the most beautiful sunset behind us and he started his speech and gets on one knee. I was so shocked and of course, I said yes.

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I just cant wait to marry him!

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