Emily and Greg

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How We Met

Sort of friends in high school in Illinois fast forward four years and I run into him at an airport in Florida (what are the odds)! At that point, I already knew I wanted to date Greg. Two months later we were in our best friends’ wedding party (when my bestie and her fam sat me next to him in all seating charts (not my doing)! I told everyone I was practically going to marry him after a month of dating (because I thought he was just the coolest). I asked him to go to Iceland after three months. He actually thought I was crazy but that’s okay because it ended up being his favorite trip and where he told me he loved me on top of a waterfall.

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how they asked

Two years sure did fly by! On a normal Saturday morning, he surprised me with my journal. I had written about all of the places I wanted to travel to before we even started dating. I shared this page with him a while back to give him a taste of my love for adventure. He had this page bookmarked and had written a message at the bottom of the page. It read, “I want to travel the world but only if I get to do it with the love of my life. Say yes to adventure and let’s cross out number 9 on the list.” Number 9 was the Swiss Alps! I only had 5 hours to pack! He had prearranged for me to have the week off of work and had planned a whole vacation. I was shocked! I didn’t even know if it was possible for me to pack any faster!

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We arrived in Switzerland at an International Hot Air Balloon Festival. Next thing I know we are in a hot air balloon overlooking the Swiss Alps and he is down on one knee! YES, YES, YES!!!

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