Emily and Greg

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How We Met

Greg and I went to the same school growing up however we didn’t actually know each other. We were apart of different circles, and Greg was also two years older than me, so our paths rarely crossed. After Greg had graduated (my junior year of High School) we both worked at a local pizza shop. Greg was a delivery boy and assistant manager and I made the pizzas. We worked together for about 6 months both developing secret crushes that neither of us admitted to or acted on. We spent my last shift drawing “sauce art” on the pizzas and having a pizza dough fight in the back of the store and I remember thinking how happy I was to be leaving the job, but how sad I was that I wasn’t going to have an excuse to flirt with this awesome guy anymore.

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Fast forward about two years, when the one and only, Lebron James came back to Cleveland, Ohio after a heart-breaking 4 years spent with the Miami Heat. It was a big deal for Cleveland fans, but a bigger deal for those of us from Akron- Lebron’s hometown! The University of Akron hosted a huge “Welcome Home” celebration and by some stroke of luck, both Greg and I knew people, who knew people, who could get tickets to this sold-out event. We ran into eachother and our groups sat near one another. We chatted and flirted and by the end of the night…nothing had changed. We were right back where we had started with neither of us making a move. It wasn’t until a mutual friend got involved that both of us realized how stupid we were for not going after what we wanted.

How They Asked

Greg and I had been together for almost 5 years, both graduated from college and starting our careers. We were living in a small apartment with a far commute to either of our places of work and talking about what our next move would be. We decided we would start looking at houses to see what our options were because we wanted a more permanent place to call home. I jokingly (but not so jokingly) made comments about how I didn’t want to purchase a house with someone that I wasn’t at least engaged to and he would just laugh it off. After almost a year of searching and battling with our real estate agent we finally found what we thought would be our dream home.

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Nestled in a cute neighborhood that was conveniently located about halfway between both of our jobs, and not too far from our families. It needed some work but we were up for the challenge. Without a ring on my finger or really any idea what we were getting ourselves into, we signed the paperwork and got the keys. Little did I know that during the final walk-through of our soon to be a house, Greg asked my parents for their blessing to marry me. We got started right away on the renovations that needed to happen in order for us to move in and in about 2 weeks we had made the most of what we could and moved into our new home.

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It needed a lot of love, and on our first weekend as homeowners, we spent our time trying to clean up outside while the weather was still nice- raking leaves and cleaning out the gutters that hadn’t been touched in years! When we had finished I told Greg that we should take a picture in front of our new home! He reluctantly agreed but asked if we could change out of our dirty clothes first. We changed, and I handed my phone to his mom who was there helping with all of the projects.

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We sat down on a little rickety bench that the previous owners had left behind and began to take some photos. Greg’s mom showed us the phone for approval of the pictures and we both agreed we needed to take one more. The next thing I knew he was on one knee in front of me and holding out this beautiful ring. He said, “You said you wanted to be engaged before we bought a house together, I know I’m a few weeks late, but I hope you’ll still say yes.” If I remember correctly, I told him to “shut up” and then I more so squealed “yes!” than said it!

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