Emily and Greg

How We Met

We were set up by my mom and his aunt on a blind date at a pinball museum. I had gone through a pretty rough break up a few months ago. Neither of us really wanted to go but showed up anyway. We hit it off. I felt so comfortable and we ended up talking for two hours after in the parking lot. The owner finally came by making us realize how late it was. The night I went home totally different and it felt like it was the start of something amazing. I was right!

how they asked

He told me we’re going to go to dinner at a fancy restaurant on the strip. I had just driven for seven hours from school the day before so I decided to go get my nails done to relax. He insisted I get dressed before I left which I grumbled about. When I came back he had lit the entire apartment with tea lights and there was a projection of the Cinderella Castle at Dinsey Land. He told me how he doesn’t always do a good job of expressing how he feels about me, but he wants to spend a lifetime trying to show me. On one knee, he asked me to marry him with my grandmother’s ring. I said yes of course and the bliss has been endless.