Emily and Greg

How We Met

Excuse me, can I borrow your Uber? 4.1.16

Back in 2016 Greg and I were both on respective Bachelor/Bachelorette parties in New Orleans. After a rainy arrival into NOLA we both found ourselves at a pork/music festival called “Hogs For a Cause.” I got caught up in a conversation with my friend Jenna Swan and the rest of the Bachelorette party assumed we had headed home without them (why would we do that?). Having discovered our friends headed back without out us we walked outside to find an Uber. With little luck, and 0 cars available in the area I noticed a group of guys waiting on the corner all staring at their phones. Boldly, I went up to them and asked if we could borrow their car, hitch a ride or order one for us. Fortunately, our app started working and at that time I was able to figure out that Greg was from Canada and lived in SF. I had plans to be in SF the following month and we exchanged numbers. Over a month of facetime calls, we kept in contact with one another and reunited in SF. The rest is history.

How They Asked

SF + NYC = August 17, 2018

After 1.5 years of a long-distance relationship, Emily made the move west to make it more “official” with Greg. After finding an apartment together and settling in as “roomies” Greg begged Emily to join him on a work trip to NYC and insisting that she pick the hotel. After settling at the Standard East Village they had gone out for a late-night dinner to Legacy Records and returned to a beautiful summer thunderstorm.

Rather than going out on the town (it was late after all) they crawled into bed, opened a bottle of Moet and started saying nice things to one another. After a while, Greg started looking at Emily with a weird look on his face. He hopped out of bed and started rummaging through his suitcase in search of something. That something happened to be the ring. Where Emily, of course, said “YES” immediately.