Emily and Grayson

How We Met

Grayson and I met February 14, 2018, coincidentally at a “No Boys Allowed” Galentines Party. That Valentine’s Day was an interesting one for both of us. We were both in a place of contentment with our singleness and felt that God did not have our future spouse in the picture any time soon- you can see how our worlds were rocked a few short hours later when he crashed my party. Before I get into our story, I want to share the sweet testament of the Lord’s faithfulness… He had already been orchestrating our future together before we were even born, let alone a few weeks before we met. About a month before I met Grayson, I had just gotten out of a serious relationship and honestly was very hesitant to “fall in love” again and had it in my mind that I would not even try to date for at least a year. I remember sitting down with the woman who disciples me (my now Matron of Honor) and expressing that thought to her and she challenged me to let God hold my future husband and our future in His hands and His time.

So that day we made a list of “non-negotiables” that I would look for in the next person I would date. We prayed for my future husband that day and two days later, I met him. While I was praying for my future husband, Grayson was praying for a successful career that would take him far far away… lol Grayson was obviously very content with his singleness as well and would tell anyone that he didn’t see himself marrying anyone until he was in his late twenties. Valentines’ night Grayson and his friends went to see Moon Taxi in concert at George’s Majestic Lounge while I indulged in cookies and dancing to all kinds of girl power songs with some of my closest friends at the time. This is the part where you are probably wondering how our two totally different nights overlapped. Kaelyn Greer (Grayson’s cousin) and I met a few weeks before Valentine’s Day when I was working at Fitness One. She and I became close friends and she is the one who invited us to her Galentines party at her apartment who we later found out she shared with her very attractive cousin, Grayson Scott Greer. It was around midnight and all of us girls were sitting on the couch in the living room when Grayson came bursting through the door with Whataburger in hand (classic). We all got to talking and introducing ourselves and Grayson could only remember my name. I blushed but just sighed it off because I thought a guy this good looking could never find me attractive.

I don’t remember a whole lot from that night’s conversation because I was too worried about how much eye contact I was making with Grayson without appearing stalkerish BUT I do remember blurting out my need for help to fight my outrageous speeding ticket at the time after I heard Grayson worked with the UofA traffic court… We all left and said goodnight and all the rest of that week, I couldn’t get Kaelyn out of my ear telling me how much Grayson was “into me”. Soo naturally after I had heard enough, I left my phone number on a corner of a piece of paper and just signed my name. That night to my surprise honestly, Gray texted me: “Hope this isn’t just for help with the speeding ticket” and the rest is history…

After our first date, I knew I was going to marry him. I called my best friend Annie (my maid of honor) and told her that and she warned me to be reasonable and to be careful but I was serious. Weeks went by and we were officially dating and officially head over heels in love. We dated for three months in Fayetteville until Gray graduated and moved to Dallas after accepting his first job with First Rate as a financial service consultant. We knew this job would possibly move him to India for an extended amount of time but we didn’t care. We knew that what we had was the real deal and so we have done the long-distance thing since July of 2018. In the past year and a half, Grayson has spent a total of a little less than 7 months in Hyderabad, India doing exactly what the Lord has called him to do: Business and spreading His name & gospel to the ends of the Earth. I am so proud of him.

How They Asked

A year and a half of thousands of hours on the phone and facetime, millions of text messages, and a billion “I love you”s Grayson finally asked me to be his forever. September 13, 2019, Grayson drove up to Fayetteville to spend a week doing a tennis tournament for the UofA. I was thrilled to have him for a whole week but deep down I was praying that he would ask me to marry him sometime in that week. I had a hunch but I had no idea how he would do it or when he would do it in that week. September 13th was a Friday and guess what it was?!!! FRIDAY THE 13th with a harvest moon!!! The last harvest moon was in 1935 and the next harvest moon on Friday the 13th won’t be until 2171! So needless to say this day was special for many reasons.

Grayson told me we were going to eat at Tavola Trattoria (one of our favorite restaurants) and when he passed the exit on the way, my heart started to pound out of my chest. I kept asking him where we were going and he kept smiling and just told me to relax. When he pulled off the highway on the service road that led to the dock on Lake Ann, I knew. He led me out of the car and right before we walked up the hill so I could the sweet set up he did, he told me to take a deep breath and that he loved me and he knew I was going to love it. The next 15 minutes were a blur… He set up a quilt with our two wooden boxes that had held all of our letters we had written to each other over the last year and a half.

Emily and Grayson's Engagement in Lake Ann, Bella Vista, Arkansas

Except now they were empty and his box had a small little ring box and a red card with an engagement ring drawn on it. He read me the sweetest letter and then asked me to marry him!!! I was beyond myself. We both cried so much and I swear it was the happiest day ever. After that, he told me he wanted to take me home to show my parents the ring because they hadn’t seen it yet but to my surprise when we pulled into the neighborhood, EVERYONE was in my yard waiting to celebrate us.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lake Ann, Bella Vista, Arkansas

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to everyone who has loved us through such fun and expectant time our lives! I am even more grateful to everyone who will love us as we embark on the adventure of husband and wife. If you made it this far, thanks for reading- I honestly wrote to have for Grayson and me to have one day when we are old and cranky and need a reminder of how it all started.

xo, future Mrs. Greer.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Lake Ann, Bella Vista, Arkansas

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