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How We Met

Emily is the kind of girl you always dream of. I’m from a small town outside of Birmingham, Alabama, so it made sense for me to go to the University of Alabama, but I know God had a special plan in mind bringing her there from Houston, Texas. We met as freshman through a close friend of ours only a few weeks into school. When I saw her, my life changed immediately and even though she may always not admit it, she’s had me wrapped around her finger from the time we were 18. We were inseparable and committed all through undergrad, and I knew all along that I’d found my dream girl. After graduation, we put together a plan that I would move to Houston to get started on my career while she completed her 1-year Master’s program. Her parents offered me to live with them while I got acclimated to the change, an offer I couldn’t refuse (her parents are among the most incredible people I’ve ever met). The last 9 months have been the toughest challenge Emily and I have ever endured, but looking back, have been extremely rewarding. Particularly the last 4 months, I’ve been in Houston working, and she’s been in Washington, DC completing her final internship. When you go from spending every day together, to spending one weekend a month together, the entire landscape of your relationship changes. Long distance relationships take trust, communication, sacrifice, and remembering the goal everyday. A 9-month sacrifice in exchange for a lifetime of happiness sounded like a deal to us. It’s been so exciting seeing her grow and reaffirm how I felt about her, even from 1500 miles away.

how they asked

This was going to be my final trip to DC and we had a lot to celebrate: she finished her internship on Friday, had a birthday on Saturday, and graduated the following Saturday, the ending of our long-distance relationship, and little did she know, our engagement. I flew in late Friday night and told her we had dinner reservations for her birthday on Saturday. I’d been anxious for weeks. Saturday morning was like old times–we woke up late, made a trip to Starbucks and walked around Georgetown for a bit, just happy to finally be together again. We made an appointment to get her hair and nails done “for her birthday” and she was loving it. When we got back home, I knew we still had a handful of hours before dinner, and thankfully I could stall by saying her (roses) delivery was still on the way. After they arrived, she started asking questions about the night, mainly because she had options for dresses, but I couldn’t spoil the surprise. “Whatever you wear, you will look the most beautiful of everyone there.”

I finished getting ready before her, and the photographer I met getting on the Metro a few weeks prior was almost in place. She walked out in the most beautiful dress I have ever seen! We Uber’d down the hill to the Georgetown Canal. Our Uber driver’s last words, “I don’t know where y’all goin’, but I’m excited for you!”

We started walking along the Canal and once I saw our photographer, I couldn’t wait another second. “Our restaurant isn’t actually here, but there is something I’d like to talk to you about….”

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She burst into tears immediately, and it took everything to hold it together. In so many words, I told her how she’s the most beautiful person I’ll ever know, and I asked if I could spend every birthday for the rest of our lives by her side. All my dreams came true when she said yes.

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Then, we had the most wonderful dinner in the Proposal Booth at Martin’s Tavern, where President JFK proposed to Jackie. We called our families and I spent the night watching the person I’ve seen endure so much, finally feel overwhelmed with pure joy. I’ve never been happier in my life.

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