Emily and Ethan

how we met

Ethan and I worked at the same restaurant throughout high school and college, but we probably never spoke an actual sentence to each other! I was the quiet one and he was a jock. Flash forward 7 years and we both were living in Pittsburgh. Ethan reached out to me and I was sure he didn’t remember who I was, but I was wrong (one of the few times I’ll admit it!).

how they asked

Ethan proposed to me on one of the trails by our house, on a walk with Mackey of course! He had the ring in his backpack and pulled it out when he said he was getting Mackey a drink. I knew he was acting weird when he had a bag packed and was ready to go when I got home from work- he is a self-proclaimed non-planner- but I didn’t think this was part of his plan for that day!

Special Thanks

Aly Brooke Photography
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Point State Park
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