Emily and Eric

Emily's Proposal in Lake Como, Italy

How We Met

One night (in the Fall of 2011) I decided to skip the Spanish class I was taking at the local community college to hang out with my friend Steven (Sorry, Mom & Dad…I promise I only did it that one time). Little did I know, Steven invited his friend, Eric to hang out with us. Eric teased me ALL night about things I said/did (basically everything), but I secretly liked it. Part way through the night, Eric and I started a game of Words With Friends (Scrabble for millennials). I was secretly really excited to show Eric how good (or so I thought) my Scrabble skills were. When Eric started beating me, I was sure he was cheating, so I started to, also. By the end of the game, I won…by 1 point. Come to find out, Eric wasn’t cheating…he’s just really good at Scrabble (NERD!!!). Words With Friends slowly turned into texting and weekly movie nights with our group of friends. After some super smooth moves by Eric (well, kinda), Eric asked me to be his girlfriend and I said “yes” (foreshadowing…hint hint).

how they asked

Eric and I were on our first European adventure together. We had spent months planning…me planning the trip and Eric planning the proposal (much to my surprise). On the 10th day of our trip, we arrived in Lake Como, Italy. When we got to our Airbnb and saw the balcony overlooking the lake and the town below, we knew we had to watch the sunset from there. We walked about a mile into town to find a restaurant to eat at and stumbled upon a small, family-owned restaurant. Being on the Italian schedule, dinner took a little longer than expected so by the time we paid our bill, Eric and I rushed out to go find a bottle of wine to take back to our Airbnb for the sunset. You’d think finding a bottle of wine in Europe would be easy, but it took us at least 20 minutes. By the time we found one, Eric eagerly paid 25 Euros for the bottle (expensive for wine in Europe) and we rushed out. The sun was starting to set, so we ran a mile back to our Airbnb, set up the patio table, opened the bottle of wine and poured 2 glasses just in time to enjoy the sunset. After a few sips of wine and a few minutes of conversation, Eric asked me if I wanted to set my camera on a self-timer to take a photo of us with the incredible sunset (I wasn’t suspicious because Eric knows I love taking pictures).

I excitedly walked over and began setting up my camera (while Eric nervously sat waiting, chugging the rest of his wine). I clicked the button on my camera and rushed to my seat to sit across from Eric. Knowing it was a 10 second timer, Eric waited till I sat down to stand up. Confused, I said “what are you doing!?”…My confusion didn’t last long however, because a second later, Eric got down on his knee and pulled out a a beautiful ring! (The camera clicked the above picture…yes, he tricked me into taking my own engagement photo). He nervously fumbled some words out, we both started crying, and I said “yes!”.

We hugged, kissed, cried a little more, Eric played the recording he took of him asking my dad, and then we called our family and friends to announce the exciting news! Side note: When Eric and I called Eric’s parents, they confessed they had an angry text prepared to send him, being that they were expecting the news sooner on the trip. My dad, also expecting the news sooner, said “about time!” and my mom screamed in excitement, then quickly covered her mouth, being that she was at work (typical mom).