Emily and Eitan

How We Met

Emily and Eitan met on Jswipe in April of 2015. Emily was still a college student in Chicago and Eitan was a data and analytics consultant. They went to a speakeasy in Lincoln Park, ordered creative cocktails, and talked all night. Emily was set to study abroad in Budapest a few months after meeting and Eitan bought a ticket to visit her three weeks after they met. This was the beginning of Eitan and Emily’s world-wide adventures. They moved in together three years after dating and got engaged shortly afterward. They live in Evanston, IL as Eitan finishes his MBA at Kellogg and will head back to the city after graduation this year. They have an adorable kitty, Lev, who is extremely happy about his parents’ engagement!

How They Asked

We were on a family vacation and decided months prior that we would go on a “date-night” our last night of vacation. Eitan told me the restaurant was next to one of the most beautiful walks in Maui… perfect. As we were walking on the boardwalk of this spectacular beach, Eitan told me he wanted to take a picture of me. As strange as I thought that was, I smiled patiently before continuing on the path. In reality, Eitan was trying to find where the photographer was hiding and needed his phone to do so! He then told me, “We are not in the right spot, we have to turn around.” I said, “What do you mean the right spot? We are on a walk, we just need to keep walking.” “There is supposed to be a spectacular view over here,” he said (good save). He leads me off of the boardwalk, onto a cliff overlooking the ocean, turns around, gets down on one knee and says “Emily Shira Kolpas…”.

Proposal Ideas Kapalua Ironwoods, Maui


Special Thanks

Stephanie Betsill
 | Photographer