Emily and Drew

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How We Met

Drew’s mother was my high school assistant principal years ago and a little over a year and a half I ran into her at a dinner event recgonizing educators and their anniversary with the school district. I was there supporting my mom who has been with them for over 35 years. His mother helped me get through a lot of tough times during high school, so I always took time to say hi and catch up. While we were talking she noticed my class ring and remembered her son and I attended the same college just graduated at different times. He is 6 years older, so we never really ran into each other. That is when his mom decided to play the game, Have You Met Drew? The moment he looked at me I immediately knew I was hooked. He was so incredibly handsome and carried himself very well. The next morning I came across his Facebook page after his mom tagged him in a post from the previous night. As a typical woman I knew if I commented on the post he would see it, so I did! Within an hour he added and messaged me continuing our conversation from the night before. From that moment on we knew we would continue talking forever.

how they asked

Drew and I were visiting Disney World for the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. The day of the proposal we had everything planned out, but of course, that morning nothing went as planned. My friend, who works at Disney, was running late and since she was getting us into the parks we had to wait outside. By the time we entered the parks I was so hot and hungry all I wanted to do was throw my hair up and chow down on some waffles. My friend said she needed to go talk to a co-worker, but little did I know she was making sure a certain spot was ready for us. After breakfast she kept talking about this new spot the Memory Makers, which are Disney’s photographers, were working at and we should go there before it gets crowded. We finally get to the spot and started taking all different pictures. Some with my friend, some with my friend and Drew, and some with just Drew. That is when Drew took me by the hand and told me his normal compliments like I love you and how I am his best friend. I really didn’t think anything of it until my friend came up to us smiling and pulled a ring box from behind her. I immediately started crying and of course screamed yes after he proposed! While he was putting on the ring that is when I saw someone running towards us and realized not only was it his sister and his mom, but my mom was there too. That is when the ugly cries came out. We were so thrilled to have everyone there with us to celebrate and couldn’t have asked for a better fiancé.

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