Emily and DJ

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How We Met

It all started over 3 years ago! We were strangers, but had some mutual friends. It was April 3, 2015 and were helping one celebrate their 21st birthday! Long story short, we were inseparable the entire night – and what would turn out to be the rest of our lives. Now, we’re engaged to be married in June of 2019!

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how they asked

DJ has always been the romantic type, something I was not very familiar with. The date was December 9, 2017. It was already so late getting a Christmas tree because I usually like to get one in late November. But I was a nursing student at the time and had finals the first 2 weeks of December. My family and I have cut down real trees ever since I can remember, so it’s a tradition I wanted to continue with DJ and eventually our family! I thought we were meeting my family to get a tree – as we have in the past. DJ and I get to the tree farm and start walking back and BAM there’s a beautiful, big, Christmas tree decorated with lights, candles, memories of us from the past 3 years, a red blanket, a bottle of champagne and most importantly, a beautiful Christmas ornament that said “will you marry me?” Safe to say I had the best Christmas yet! & of course, I said YES!!

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Special Thanks

Rosalie Benson
 | Photographer