Emily and Derrick

Where to Propose in Brooklyn Bridge

How We Met

I was home for the summer after graduating college and I was trying to get friends together once a week for games. Derrick was introduced to me by a mutual friend and Derrick explained that he was doing an internship at my church all summer. As the summer went on, Derrick and I crossed paths a couple of times. In June, I went to a wedding (friends from high school) and Derrick was one of the groomsmen!! I was surprised how many mutual friends we had and as I sitting there at the wedding I thought, “I want to dance with him tonight.” My dream came true, Derrick asked me to dance! The rest is history, we’ve been dancing together ever since.

How They Asked

Derrick and I like to do a lot of things outdoors, we like to hike, drive through the mountains, go kayaking just to name a few. About 2 years ago I started something to entertain myself while we were on a long car ride to the mountains. I began asking Derrick random would you rather questions. Derrick was hilarious with his responses and played along. It was then I decided to start record his responses and it quickly became a thing.

Emily's Proposal in Brooklyn Bridge

I’ve been asking the would you rather questions for a while now. Little did I know on our first trip to NYC this past December, the most epic would you rather question would be asked. We were walking the Brooklyn Bridge, Derrick asked someone to take a picture of us, and then he turned to me and asked, Would you rather jump off this bridge or marry me?