Emily and David

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How We Met

The Universe truly does work in mysterious ways. Like seeing a photo of your future husband 15 years before you meet him.

Let me back up a little; I was living in Brooklyn back in the summer of 2012 and on a dating website called OKCupid. I would get a lot of messages from men who I was completely incompatible with so I didn’t put a lot of stock in the website and wouldn’t check it all that often. But on a balmy July day, I received a message from a drop dead handsome guy who couldn’t believe that I listed on my profile that I liked motorcycles. We started chatting and I told him that I’m from Hopkinton, Massachusetts. He responded with, “the first girl I ever kissed was from Hopkinton!”.

I was stunned, my town was very small growing up and since Dave was around my age I had to have known her. Sure enough, he confirmed it was one of my friends growing up and this part blew my mind: Dave met her because he spent every summer working on Nantucket and her parents started renting a cottage back when she and I were in the 7th grade. When she returned to school after that summer, she showed my friends and I some polaroid’s she took around Nantucket; one of which was a photo of a cute boy in a faded red hat standing by a catamaran with a big grin on his face. Back then I thought he was drop dead handsome and was very jealous when I found out she had her first kiss with this boy named David – I wanted it to be me instead.

Little did I know, I would kiss that boy one day and he would eventually ask me to be his wife!

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how they asked

After moving to Nantucket together, we decided to take the winter off and drive all the way to California and back on Dave’s BMW GSA 1200 motorcycle. During the trip, we hit a few bad patches of weather and picked up a screw on the highway which punctured the bike’s back tire…but it was all part of the adventure! When we arrived in Arizona, we stayed with Dave’s aunt and uncle in Tucson. One morning during our stay, Dave said he wanted to take a ride up Mt. Lemmon so we geared up and hit the road. Dave had been documenting our entire journey across the states, so I was used to him pulling off the side of the road – setting up his camera on a tripod – film us riding by on the motorcycle – then pulled the bike around and I would grab the camera. The process started to annoy me a little, I didn’t understand why he was so avid to capture every moment of our trip. So, when he started filming our ride up the mountain it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, until the bike suddenly jerked forward and we had to pull over onto a scenic overlook. He told me there was something wrong with the bike and he had to think it through; he started setting up the camera and I began to get annoyed that he wanted to film the stressful situation. He called me over and asked for my phone so he could call AAA and I could see that he was nervous and visibly shaking. I gave my phone over and tried to calm him down when he tucked it away in his pocket and started telling me how these past few years have been the happiest in his life. He pulled out a blue ring box from his pocket and proposed to me there on the spot – of course I said yes!

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He told me he knew he’s wanted to marry me for a long time, but definitely knew he wanted to marry a girl who would drive across the country with him and back on a motorcycle.

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We celebrated by getting hot chocolate and cookies the size of our heads at The Cookie Cabin and the celebration continued at his family’s house where they were waiting to toast us with champagne – it was perfect.

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