Emily and David

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My parents house

How We Met

David has been friends with my older sister since they were in high school. Whenever I go and hang out with her and her friends he was always a part of that group. We didn’t really start to grow our own friendship till a few years ago. The first time he asked me out it totally threw me for a loop. I did not see it coming. We went on a couple dates but I just had a hard time seeing him in a romantic way. So after our second date, I told him we should just be friends. He was totally cool with that and respected how I felt. We continued to talk and hang out and put friendship grew deeper and deeper. He became my best friend and finally, I began to see him in a new way. So about 9 or 10 months after our first date we finally began a relationship.

how they asked

After we began dating We both realized pretty quickly how well we worked together. I moved into his house and we started talking about our future together. We both wanted the same things and were excited to take the next step. We talked about getting married and had even gone shopping for rings. So I knew the time would be coming soon, I just didn’t know exactly what he had planned.

We had gone over to my parents’ house for a holiday party with some family and friends. We do this party every year so I was not suspicious at all. The party was wrapping up my mom was taking photos of everyone. But she does this every year so again, I didn’t suspect anything. We were standing around talking when all of a sudden the door opened and David’s family walked in.

Emily and David's Engagement in My parents house

As soon as they walked in I knew exactly what was happening. David walked over to the Christmas tree that was set up in the living room and grabbed the ring from the top of the tree. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so emotional and shocked I could barely speak but I somehow managed to squeak out a yes!

Everything about that night was absolutely perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!