Emily and Daniel

Where to Propose in Yosemite National Park- Glacier Point

How We Met

Daniel and I met in October of 2015 in college. As a music education major, I thought it was a requirement for me to take marching band (even though I’d never played an instrument before!) To my great surprise, I ended up being placed next to the cutest guy I’d ever seen during our field show. I fell for him almost immediately and spent several weeks trying to think of any reason I could to talk to him during rehearsal.

Emily and Daniel's Engagement in Yosemite National Park- Glacier Point

One of our mutual friends decided to host a Halloween party later that month, and I asked her if she’d invite Daniel to it. Little did I know he only went to the party after finding out I would be there! We spent the entire evening wrapped in conversation and I knew instantly he was different than anyone I’d ever met. The next week he asked me out to dinner and we continued seeing each other regularly outside of rehearsal. On January 1st, 2016 he made it official and sealed it with a kiss!

How They Asked

Daniel and I are big fans of hiking and backpacking, especially in Yosemite National Park. For our 3 year anniversary, we decided to head to the park and hike up to Glacier Point and check out the beautiful view of Half Dome from the top. I can’t lie- I had a feeling something big was coming and had the feeling for weeks! When the day finally came though, Daniel definitely caught me by surprise.

Throughout the entire day of hiking, Daniel would set up his camera on a tripod to get some pictures of us. Every time he did so, I expected him to pop the question! But every time he didn’t, I questioned more and more if I was getting my hopes too high. By the late afternoon, we finally made it to the top and looked out at the stunning views. Daniel again set up his tripod to take pictures of us, and I thought “surely this is it!” But again, no proposal!

Daniel ran over to check the picture and told me it was blurry and we’d need to try again. “Maybe this time?” I hoped. Still no proposal! Feeling mildly disappointed, I finally decided today just wasn’t the day. But after checking the picture one more time, Daniel hit record on his camera instead, walked over to me and finally asked the question I’d been hoping for!

He somehow managed to surprise the girl who waited all day for a proposal, and the best part was how he excitedly popped the question before even getting down on one knee! I was surprised (somehow!) and got to say yes to the man of my dreams with the most picturesque, beautiful backdrop I’d ever seen behind me.

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