Emily and Dane

How We Met

Dane & I met in college at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. We were just friends, but for some reason every time I saw Dane, I would ask him about his relationship status… Weird, right? Well, look at where it got us. I eventually left Eau Claire, and three years later when he graduated, he went to chiropractic school. I saw this and decided to “creep” on him on Facebook AND tell him about it. I messaged him saying “I just creeped on you. Oops.” Real classy, Emily. But, I’m so glad I did. Because here we are.

how they asked

Here it is… One of the most thoughtful, heartfelt, symbolic, and well-planned proposals of, well, ever. Oh, & you MUST know… We LOVE How I Met Your Mother.

Dane had me get my nails done & then had me dropped off at the top of a trailhead in The Greenbelt here in Austin, TX. As I walked down the trail by myself, I was first greeted by his brother Eli, who showed me the video. I have never laughed and cried so much in my life.

Image 1 of Emily and Dane

How I Asked Your Mother… Dane & Emily style. I quickly wiped off my face, as I was now anxious to get down the trail and find him. As I continued, his family members were spread out to assure me I was walking the right path. How symbolic is THAT?

I was walking this path alone, but am now assured, supported, and a part of his family. WOW.

I was greeted, finally, by my parents (who were supposedly in Tennessee…. k), where I was then blindfolded and led by my step-dad to Dane down by the water.

Image 2 of Emily and Dane

When I got to him, I couldn’t believe where I was. It’s crazy how you imagine this moment so many times in your head, and then when it’s there right in front of you it’s like whaaaaat?!

Dane read me our life verses, Phil. 4:6-7 & Hebrews 11:1, as the sound of the waterfall behind us and the clear green/blue water restored my peace. This is it. He tied our verses together with TRUST- Proverbs 3:5 which says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”.

Image 3 of Emily and Dane

God has blessed me with this man & now I get to be FOREVER HIS! I SAID YES!

Image 4 of Emily and Dane

Image 5 of Emily and Dane

Image 6 of Emily and Dane

Image 7 of Emily and Dane

Thank you, again, to everyone who contributed to this day. Special thanks to Sarah Steffen for KILLIN’ IT with the HIMYM video, Chelsea Jaskowiak for taking pictures, and Sue Link for videoing.

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