Emily and Cory

Wedding Proposal Ideas in En Route to Bermuda on the Norwegian Breakaway

How We Met

It’s quite fitting that in an era where anyone can acquire anything via the internet, we were able to find our “person” online. Living in San Diego, California, the odds of us meeting in any other context than through an online dating app were low. Cory is from Connecticut and works in marketing. Emily is from California and is a scientist. Neither of us knew how to go about meeting people, as odd as that seems. Cory was the last person that Emily spoke to on OkCupid, the only online dating service she tried on a whim that lasted only three weeks. Over many months and prematurely ended text correspondences, Cory’s last attempt to meet Emily was finally fruitful when she decided to go and watch one of his hockey games. After the game, a dinner date followed, which obviously went well because the date that followed included our first kiss inside a horror video game at Dave and Buster’s. Over two years and plenty of fun adventuring, bonding, and general loving between us, something clicked in Cory’s head and he realized he needed to lock Emily down.

how they asked

Emily didn’t believe Cory had any plans to splurge on an engagement ring any time soon, so naturally, she was in oblivion the entire time Cory and his family were planning the big surprise. A family cruise to Bermuda had long been in the works. Cory told Emily to bring a white dress for a family photoshoot, which she believed without a hitch. The day of the proposal, it was easy to stay distracted on the ship. The day was spent by the pool and in the casino, and while Cory was getting increasingly nervous, Emily was mostly looking forward to dinner at the Italian specialty restaurant that night, not knowing that the reservation was made to celebrate the proposal.

By the time the photoshoot came about, only Cory’s parents and ourselves had arrived at the location, which was at the stern of the boat during the sunset. We were prompted to take some photos by ourselves while waiting for the rest of the family. After the first two photos, Cory started his proposal speech, dropping down on one knee. Emily had no idea what he was talking about at first, but when she realized what was going on, the shock and awe kicked in. A perfect surprise proposal at sea… obviously she said YES!

Emily's Proposal in En Route to Bermuda on the Norwegian Breakaway