Emily and Colton

Image 1 of Emily and Colton Image 2 of Emily and Colton

We took a ranger ride around the farm we had just moved to. It had been a lot to handle moving 3 hours away from both our parents in the dead of winter to take an opportunity that we thought would only come once. Colton had just gotten everything planted, I had finally gotten the house unpacked and asked if I wanted to ride along to check seed, I didn’t bother changing my grubby clothes and hopped in. We get to the top of the hill farm, he tells me to try and get a picture of the sunset, which was completely gorgeous, over-looking the house and farm. I did my best to focus the camera and when I turned around he was on one knee asking me to marry him. There wasn’t a photographer, it was just us, and I love that. We’ve gone through quite a bit together and no matter the crazy adventure I know with him I can handle anything.